Make Hatchet Un-equippable Until Fixed

You deactivated the ability to transfer items and coin, is it possible for you to make the Hatchet unable to be equipped to stop the mass exploiting of its damage ramping in all aspects of the game?

If so, please do it. PVP is currently in an unfun unplayable state, PVE is the same, players using arena keys and running high end dungeons/open world elite spawns are using the hatchet for easy farming of endgame content.

I understand you are putting out a ton of fires but this Hatchet bug is just as gamebreaking as duping, please do something ASAP.

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Would much rather they just disable the particular ability that is bugged rather the whole weapon. I’ve ran with hatchet the whole game from like level 6. It’s really the main weapon i use and the only weapon i have over skill level 11. disabling completely would give everyone who runs that as their main a disadvantage for everything. I dont even have the skill that is bugged on my build, but still get people crying about me using a hatchet even if I’m not fighting them. So, im all for disabling a particular skill with the hatchet that makes it bugged up, but not for it being completely removed until further notice.


you can cry about the PvP unbalance but can piss off about the PvE aspect. ALL dungeons are a cakewalk.

Who cares about endgame farming with a hatchet … so it takes 3 mins 35 seconds to kill a boss instead of 4 minutes.

You must be fun at parties @Stoned_Vet , that being said:

So having people solo steal an open world elite boss or infinitely farming what are group based mobs is good for the game and its economy? You sound like you are worried you won’t be able to instant down mobs you normally couldn’t solo.

Thanks for your constructive feedback though.


I’m up for them deactivating the Against All Odds and/or anything else thats breaking it. Whatever way works with the least impact on players is what they should do.

please tell me which aspect of this game is good for the economy?

There is no economy to base this statement off of. And yes, it will have no affect on the Economy because EVERYONE can farm dungeons super easily.


Let’s disable all weapons with a bug.

Everyone can run around and punch things.

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Hatchets users coming to defence their lovely bugged weapon in 3 … 2 … 1 …


So you’re saying leave hatchet as is, because that’s good for the health of the game?

no im saying I understand the PVP complaints but as it is right now, those doing PvE should suffer no punishment.

PvE grinding isnt harming anyone or anything. They obviously need to fix it, but the complaints on the PvE aspect can stop.

I dont even use the damned thing, I just dont think its fair to those who have geared for hatchet use to have to swap because AGS broke it.

before anyoen says its not fair … well yes it is because EVERYONE has access to the weapon

I don’t think you understand the problem but okay.

I do understand the problem, but the bug has no impact on anyone in a PvE environment. I can do the exact same things with other weapons.

There isnt even an Economy to hinder!

They really need to disable the passive that is causing this. Outpost rush is now 20v20 hatchet users

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Still, an exploit to use it in PvE bud. Using something is not intended to get an advantage is still an exploit.

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Still nothing wrong with it in PVE as it stands now. Yes it needs to be fixed but its not harming anyone right now because everyone can use it. In PvP thats exploiting because thats where its doing the harm.

Its still not the intended use of the weapon but people are built with the hatchet in mind, even previous to the bug. So you say dont log on and thats ok with you? youre ok with their gameplay being affected but not yours now?

Seems like you really need this hatchet exploit to continuing to farming whatever you are farming.

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I use two handed axe, please use your reading skills.

Axe+heal staff and can do the exact same farming a hatchet user can … thats why im saying what I am.

You also dodged my question. Its ok, you are only worried about your experience and not everyone as a whole. Gotcha

All I read is “Hatchet user defending using exploit to PVE farm and downplay the ramifications of said farming on New World Forums.”

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see you still cannot answer the question. Get lost troll. You apparently lack reading skills as I dont use hatchet