Make it easier to block mic spammers

Give us the ability to easily block the cancerous mic spammers that think its ok (or even a good idea) to blast music in the middle of a populated town square making it impossible to find them.

The fact this is a problem and that AGS is going to continually merge people into more populated servers until the server average is over 2k is laughable.

Spend more than 10 minutes playing your own game or better yet go try and find the 5 people blasting music preventing you from talking with ANYONE else in a 50m radius.

It is EASY to list people currently speaking in your area. FIGURE IT OUT.


this is really annoying. and when they are standing at the trading post doing it surrounded by people makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find out who to mute


Thank you for your feedback, NSxProdigy.

I’ll send this over to the development team.

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