Make it more impactful

I would like to suggest that you took a look on your current animation and soundscape for your old weapons.

The new weapons have an impactful spund and feel.

But take sword and shield, hitting a skeleton has a very great metalic sound, but hitting a corrupted has a very weird and weak sound.
More realistic?
Probably, but man does it take away the feel of the weapon.

What about Ice Gauntlet?
Light attack is a little spiked ice, it looks and feels weak, and that is fine.
But imagine that when you charged up the heavy attack, the little small spiked ball slowly morphed into an ice javelin, and a fully charged heavy would have the same feel and throw as Javelin from spear, with a powerfull “wushhh” acompany it.

There are such room for play here, and I know that for 90% of the playerbase it is not important, but it just adds so much flair to it.

Combat that feels and looks impactful and have some awesome animations to it, can really make this ride even more enjoyable.

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