Make locked items undropable

So I almost lost my leg boots because i have not noticed that i even dropped them or even how i dropped, they are locked so i thought it was a bug that they disappered but i found them on a street. PLS AGS make locked items unable to drop or make confirmation if we want to drop locked items


Thanks so much for this feedback @Xalyim I will pass this along to the team.

I also agree with this, I have accidentally dropped gear that I needed while sorting through gear from dungeons.

I support this.

Mass Salvaging and the UI bugging causing an equipped/locked item to drop has been an issue since launch but seems to be worse lately due to desync

Dear AGS; Locked items should not be droppable

This game has bugs around salvaging which can cause equipped/locked gear to be discarded.

This has been a big issue since launch.


Complained about this forever ago,
also with 0 devtools for GMs and not able to restore any items makes this bug an even bigger L.

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