Make Marks of Fortune Tokens Tradable in the Trading Post with Season Pass

Many players have started to say pay to win about the season pass. For those who do not have real money or do not want to spend money, make Mark of Fortune Tokens tradable on the trading post, so that the player who wants can sell the tokens purchased with real money on the trading post for gold. Players who do not want to spend real money can buy tokens in-game from the trading point.

In order to ensure the continuity of this, in-game gold spending needs to be increased.
For example; Pots should not drop from the boxes in the game, the pots should only drop from monsters or can be crafted from the arcane table.

For those who say that getting gold with token sale is not pay to win; Gold sales with real money are already available on hundreds of web sites.

The issue with making Marks of Fortune tradable are chargebacks. Users could purchase Marks, sell them to a friend, then charge them back, causing everyone to lose out.


When we buy tokens, they come to the inventory in boxes such as 5,000,10,000 and once purchased from the trading post, they are Bound to Player or a similar solution is considered.

On another issue, why should I sell the tokens I bought for the season pass to my friend again instead of using them? what logic does this have? Or what is the harm in buying 10k tokens for 50k gold and selling it to someone else for 60k gold?

I’m not sure how that would solve the problem. If a user charges back a real money purchase once the items were traded, they would have to revert the trading post transaction. Which would be pretty bad for the player who purchased it.

I have no idea what this means. This is all related to the person who originally bought the marks of fortune from the in-game store for real money.

That’s no problem with that unless those tokens were charged back by whoever originally spent the real money on them, causing all of those transactions to be reversed. If the real money spent on the tokens is taken back, they can’t let people keep those tokens.

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Doesn’t it pave the way for players to buy gold from real players? Many players already buy the gold produced by bots on the web sites, at least a player who works hard and earns gold can get a season pass in this way.

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In fact, this event works smoothly in many mmorpg games. In this way, I think in-game gold transfer will increase.

It’s actually a REALLY good idea. This way people gold capped can « invest » in mark of fortunes that should stay at a pretty much static price. Wow did this win battle tokens , Albion do it with gold / silver transformation ( none of Thoses are ideal system ). This will also helps AGS combat RMT by « selling gold » themselves but people would call this « p2w » and I would agree with that type of system

way too complicated. If you’re going this route, just let players buy marks with gold directly from ags.

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Yes, I wish there was no such thing, but unfortunately there is such a reality.

players will continue to buy gold from bot web sites :neutral_face:

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This is legit one of the worst ideas i have ever seen on this forum


why ? explain ? i can send you 100 + web sites you can buy gold from bots. whats different explain?

i’ve seen worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea no wtf. That would be the definition of Pay2Win. Pay real money for ingame Gold. Why would anyone ever suggest such stuff

Same sht as with wow tokens

And they will continue to be. It will simply reduce the value of gold, but it will not kill the rmt. And it will convert the game to p2w. I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea.

yes and they are all breaking ToS of the game


if you don’t have money or willingness to spend money on the game then you shouldn’t have premium currency
programmers also have to eat
devs already considered both free and paid track to be rewardable so you don’t feel at disadvantage


I have a very simplistic view and keep in mind that it’s my opinion.

If you can afford it and want to pay for Premium then pay.

The “free” route is available for those that cannot pay.

It really is that simple!