Make Marks of Fortune Tokens Tradable in the Trading Post with Season Pass

yeah, that might be OP having FOMO honestly

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True. True.

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@Xalyim I so agree.

FOMO has caused fear and panic among some players in here.

No way, this is literally pay to win. Full on buying in game currency :joy:

The difference is that those are illegal and using them puts you at risk of getting banned or scammed (not receiving the gold you paid for). Your idea would make the game full on p2w

You may be the most empty talker on the forum.
this proposal will surely save the developers more money . I think you are playing mmorpg for the first time in your life, so I consider these comments normal.

keep deceiving yourself like this :slight_smile: Anyone who wants to buy gold will buy it anyway and you just watch.

Yea im sure of it dude

I don’t like it either, of course, but let’s think about it from another angle.

There are two people, one can get a premium pass and the other cannot.
The player who buys the premium pass will also buy the desired amount of gold from bot sites. Those who cannot get the premium pass will continue to play the standard version of the game as normal, since they do not have any money anyway.

After a while, the balance in the game will pass to the superiority of the minority, who can achieve everything more easily. this will cause other players to quit the game over time and to see 47372 people on the forum complaining about the low number of players on their server.
In this way, we can at least ensure that the gold in the game circulates among the real players.

For example, bots will not buy tokens, because the tokens they receive will be bound to the character they bought and will not be able to reach real money. The purpose of bots is to convert in-game money into real money. Bots that cannot sell gold will probably decrease in the game after a while.

yes, it looks a bit like the wow token system. It turns the gold purchase from illegal to legal. It paves the way for the gold seller to access the game store without spending real money.

Im curious how does Blizzard handle chargebacks on wow tokens. If im undetstanding you correctly the concern is i buy the marks in the shop, i trade the marks to my friend, he buys something in the shop with them and then i can Visa and have the charge reversed.

Researching this it looks like Blizzard removes the items if they can from the offending account, theres no indication i found they go further. It does say in some cases they suspend the account.

I think that would be reasonable.

This would absolutely become a free pass for people selling gold. Bad idea (And no, I don’t care about the 100 gold selling sites you can show me, I don’t want the game to become site #101.).


You do know that the developers didn’t want to bring the season pass so you could enjoy it more, right?
The season pass is brought in to earn more money from the game, and that way the more tokens they will sell, the more they will earn in it.

meh idk… ppl gonna abuse it, buy marks via credit cards & vpn to have better conversion rates. and then sell the gold they make… :sweat_smile:

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I do not know if it will be very profitable, they need to open a steam account from scratch and buy the game for this. it will be a waste of time for someone who thinks about it :slight_smile:

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ye. but same goes for bot accounts. they stockpiled thoose when game was on sale for sure.^^

Nothing wrong with that at all.

Of course, there is nothing wrong, they can earn money so that they can produce good content.

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About that we agree.

They have said that premiums have no advantage. They just get a few more things that don’t affect game balance. So the imbalance that you mention would only be caused by who bought gold (rmt)

You would be surprised how many transfer tokens are bought by big pvp guilds moving around the servers. They also sell gold, not just the bots.

It seems like a complicated problem to solve and I don’t think that competing with the webs that sell gold is the right way.