Make new servers available once you have dealt with the most serious bugs and exploits please

And disable being able to transfer to them. I dont care about my progress so far, got 300hrs played.

Knowing about the exploits, the sad state of wars the last week were the company who used the most bugs conquered the map, duping and god knows what else I have a hard time being interested into playing anymore. I find it hard to believe that anyone will get punished for what they have done, and in the case of hatchet and great axe damage stacking and speed stacking and using onyx runes on their armor its literally unpunishable since they just use the systems in the game the intended way. Can’t reasonably expect someone to not play their weapon of choice only bc its broken.

Only solution would be a rollback for about a week, but thats not going to happen. So I’d like to propose the only realistic solution i can think of: make new servers and disable transfer to them so people can enjoy the game how it was intended, without a broken economy and broken state of territories. Ofc the bugs have to be fixed first. And please, going forward when something is breaking your game on a fundamental level, and lets be realistic, there will always be something, disable at least the pvp features until its fixed.

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