Make New World Free To Play

The game as it is now should be made Free To Play. Although I’m against Play To Win the shop should have XP boosters etc as well as just cosmetic items to allow the game to be funded.

Expansions or DLC should still be purchased.
So something along the lines of Guild Wars 2 or Elder Scrolls Online.

ALL existing players should be given the next DLC free and something like 75,000-100,000 Marks of Fortune. That is much more than the original game cost.

Given the changes to make the game a better experience this would bring an influx of much needed new or lapsed players.

It is free to play. I bought the game, and now no longer have to pay. Lol


That’s not what free to play means. :grinning:
You don’t pay for the basic game at all. See
Definition of Free to Play

Paying isn’t the problem. current game issues are… Fixing actual content and bringing new might revive the game.

40 bucks for this Game is really cheap, even with all it’s problems. Most people have more than 1.000 hours played compare this Cost per hour with any other fun Activity Like going to the Cinema.

I would Like to Invest more Money Into this game just to support it’s development and to prevent that they run out of Money and shut down everything

yes but that was at the start when there was close to 1mil Players, it was fun then because it was full of life and things to do.

I almost gaurantee it that once they believe the game is balanced and polished enough they’ll open up free versions.

Like open up crafting to tier 3, main storyline all the way up to depths, shit like that. Play for free until you hit depths and then buy to progress further.

May be there solution to lack of involvement with those expeditions.

Problem with DLCs is there hasn’t actually been one. Mutations are a spinoff of current content.
I think they should make the Game F2P with a Monthly Sub of $4.99 for QoL improvements and a Certain amount of Marks of Fortune a month. This would bring in a BUNCH of new players and some dough for the Developers.

“2022 Gamers” : " I won’t play New World if it has a Subscription. I play New World because it has no Sub. No the game wasn’t designed for this." BLAH BLAH BLAH.

It is called an opinion. It is not Bible.

I don’t think the $40 is holding people back from this one …

No but making it initially F2P would bring in an Ample amount of gamers who want to “Try” this game. Now keeping them would be up to the Devs and how they progress with the game.

These new players would consider paying a Monthly Sub just for the QoL improvements “Even while trying the game out” Also these new players will want to buy stuff off of the Store because of cosmetics.

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