Make NW great again! ;)

Hi there,

I think that you can turn things around again and I don’t mean the devs but the players “us”!

As the consul of a large company, I have had the experience that players have quit the game for the following reasons or are currently very frustrated:

  1. Hardstuck: You’ve lost touch, you want to run the exciting new content (mutations) with other company members, but you can’t because the watermark is still ~520. Or the same with wars, many players are already so far that others who cannot invest so much time Gear are technically too weak and cannot be taken with them.
  2. Frustrated by crafting and the constant grind. They’ve been trying to get their engineer up for weeks so they can finally build a great legendary weapon. But the resources are constantly exhausted and there is no gold to buy the mats from the AH
  3. Overwhelmed with the game. Lots of complex and not well explained systems that the players don’t know well enough about and thus play with weak perks and bad specs. As a result, they lose almost every duel and are depressed
    And this is exactly where “we” can improve the situation. It needs good companies of a certain size and a management that is interested in and committed to their members. Take these very people by the hand and help them as a community to achieve their goals.

This increases the fun of the game enormously and strengthens team spirit.

It works great for our company and we’ve only had 2-3% of players who actually quit. But many who were close.

If you are on the Arcturus server and in the Alliance faction. You are also welcome to contact me/us.

Best regards
Company: Squadrons
Server: Arcturus
Faction: Alliance



It will never be great as long as the same incompetent programmers are the ones working on it.

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