Make open world PVP drop a % of your gold

I dont wanna lose hard-earned items with full loot PVP but I wouldn’t mind losing some gold in exchange for a possibility of getting a % of someone else’s net worth.

Killing a company owner would yield % gold from company bank.

Edit: I wouldnt risk my items for someone elses items that i probably wont use. Fuckin hell mate why would I wanna get a bind on pickup musket or a bow if im a GA/WH main. Gold would yield more usage plus I wouldnt mind risking a % of my gold for a % of another player’s gold. But I would never risk my items.

Require a certain amount of gold before you can flag for pvp to ensure drops?

Second !

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or let us challenge them and their generals to mak’gora…

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Uh no. I would just transfer company ownership to an alt and store 100% my gold there.


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Well then maybe require a certain amount of gold in your inventory befor you can flag for pvp. 5k maybe and then it drops 250 or whatever gold when youre killed.

I’ll raise you an agni kai.

Drops from PVP typically cause more issues than they solve, sadly.

lol the loser gets its account deleted :scream::rofl:

yeah don’t worry… I know how players dropping loot will end. I play Eve… or used to play

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They definitely need to do SOMETHING for the PvP side of the game.

Currently, people only flag for the luck bonus. If you engage them, most of them just run away. Sure killing them stops them from running your farming route for a minute. But that hardly matters when bots and unflagged people run the route 24/7 anyway. So what’s the point in fighting at all? There needs to be some kind of incentive.

Then you have OPR. The mutations update completely killed OPR. And what is the incentive for people to do OPR? Do it twice for gypsum and that’s it? Because the chests are an absolute joke and the azoth/gold rewards are hardly enticing.

Then you have wars, where the same 50 people are picked every single time. So if you aren’t in the club then you aren’t allowed to participate. I understand territories are important and you always want to field your best, but the majority of players will never experience war so it hardly counts as PvP content

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