Make OPR and future que based pvp interserver pool

So if your on a high pop server even at like 4am OPR is dead. However if you interlink que’s between servers for pvp specifically like OPR and future que based pvp modes, you can keep OPR going on a constant. Daytime on a high pop would mostly remain the same, while night time on any server would still have OPR running, even low pop would be capable of getting a match in. Perhaps not with people from their server but at least we can all pvp together 24/7

Stop requesting sensible stuff, it will result in them breaking the game more xD

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:rofl: someone hasta give them good, well thought out pokes. It’s also a tad more complicated than it sounds but I would assume going with something that tries to link 40 of the closest people would take priority, if no expand search query, if yes begin match

please dont!!! they cant handle server lag and issues as it is imagine if they tried to implement this, they woulld mess it up so bad,

Presumably by search query expanding radius you would never cross oceans to fill a pvp match, you’d take all the servers in the same regions playerbases to assemble a match before the que search ever expanded to something large enough to cross oceans

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