Make perks stack in April fool

I want to try stacking up the perks that cannot be stack in normal days. Repulsing clear out is my favourite perk, if one day there is a event that i can stack this perk up. It will be very funny to see people flying so far away. Please consider to make a event for fun. Thank you.

Very intriguing :face_with_monocle:suggestion! I wonder, what do you think would be the most fun combination of perks?

I cant belive you are wasting your time replying to these types of silly requests when the game needs so much more effort put into serious bugs/exploits etc.

Regarding the suggesting, if you actually wish to do something like that, don’t do it on the live servers - just create a PTR like server for people to have fun, but again, the priority should be to fix the main game and all of the bugs and then to put effort into fun stuff - so maybe in like 2-3 years

Definitely the clear out perk. I would love to see people flying back from war camp to the fort by one swing of clear out.

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