Make pot use prio

I posted this suggestion on a thread previously, it really does need to be on a separate GCD than everything else, pot use needs to happen instantly, the amount of times I’ve died after seeing my potion icon flash 7 times and it not registering use because of GCD and spell queuing is beyond frustrating.


Yeah its insane. I too see the icon flash sometimes but the char does not drink the potion.
I didnt realize its on cooldown since it flashes because thats beyond retarded so I thought it was just bugged butnow when you say it… Yeah it should be on separate cooldown or atleast if it is on cooldown grey it out… But pots should be instant and prioritized over anything else.

bump if you agree

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its fine as it is. you need to disengage to use a pot efficiently. dont remove yet another skill element. there is so few left already…

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They should nerf stuns to the ground same way as they did with Mages.

Stunlock-chains are ridiculously overpowered right now, you have no way of counter-playing.

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No one thinks about outplaying. It’s all zerg button mashing.

That is why it’s annoying. Everyone needs to be on a control point to either win a war or win OPR.

So you need to play GA/WH meta because they aren’t any other game modes.

But the exact same issue exists in 1v1 duels so it still must be addressed.

You can generally dodge a war hammer stun quite effectively if timed right. I don’t really have problems with it.

Probably not against skilled players. Any decent War Hammer user easily stuns you after dodging from a regular attack and they have more stuns and staggers than you got dodges, especially in Heavy and Light Armour.

In 1v1 its easy to dodge but not when its more than 1 hammer…

And in 1v1 not either if that War Hammer is accompanied by a Great Axe that you also must dodge from (Vortex etc.).

That is true, a non button mashing GA/WH who times their skills wins most of the time.

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Well, it is in the game…

Ikr! We shouldn’t take brainsmooth left clickers as a standard when discussing PVP balance.

But they are loud, that’s why.

Instead of trying to give actionable feedback, it’s complaints that are heard.

It results in over-tuned nerfs or buffs.

This is where I think the “gamer sense” is not found.

I feel like, if the developers were competitive PVP gamer, they’d know what to do and what changes to make.

and blocking to…
and switching weapons to…

…and while they are at it they could fix so you actually switch weapon and not just the skillbar 100% of the time…:smiley:

I’ve actually had Potions being animation cancelled by stun, making me get the potion cooldown, but no potion heal.

Gotta love this spaghetti coding hell AGS managed to conjure.

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Yeah it sucks

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