Make Rapier Riposte STUN Uninterrupted w/ DMG

Lets be honest, ever land a rapier stun, go for the back crit and get only 1 hit off before the CC breaks and they jump away or land a stun back on you immediately. Yes, I am talking about GA/WH players. The Riposte Stun should by all means stun for the entire duration, and damaging an opponent should not break the stun. WHY though?

What we need to understand about PVP is that almost all battles are either hit and run, close melee, or ranged tactics. Rapiers fighting distance includes hit and run, and close melee battles. However, the problem with the current meta is that it is not at all viable with players of equal skill level. The damage output for a GA/WH exceeds that of any single attack for a Rapier. The meta being, heavy armor + GA/WH, means a lot of damage + defense + cc + gap closing. When a guaranteed heavy from a GA/WH can crit upto 5k+, we can see the balancing issues.

The fact is a rapier stun, guaranteed single backcrit, vs a GA/WH, guaranteed heavy attack crit are not equivalent at all. The supposed trade-off is the the faster atck speed. However in PVP battles, you are never going to get off more than 1 or 2 attacks with a rapier before you are forced to back off or take massive damage. Sure we can argue their is a skill ceiling, but the skill ceiling is way too high for anyone to come to a 50/50 otucome.

There are a lot more variables to consider, but as a tool for the rapier, I think it would balance the class a lot more if the stun chain was uninterruptable for a rapier. I already know GA/WH players are gonna dismiss this because any other form of cc is too op.

Let me know your thoughts


Perk in the tree, or for rapier in general, for # of attacks without breaking a stun?

Kinda seems like the thing that would belong on a finesse weapon, but I also don’t play rapier so I don’t really know where it sits.

The perk in the tree for riposte states, that if you land riposte, it stuns the target for 1.5 seconds. However if you go to attack the stunned player, any attack will break the cc. What I am proposing is that the target remains stunned regardless of the damage taken for that full 1.5 seconds. IMO this would balance the war matchup.

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I get your point but it would be too OP, particularly with the PTR changes. All CC works this way other than Gravity Well? I don’t think anyone survives 2.5 seconds of a rapier on their back. Swap to a harder hitting weapon for your one shot or the PTR improved Flurry might be pretty harsh.

But that’s exactly what the warhammer is, my friend and I tested it a dozen times, you can effectively cc lock someone with a Warhammer for 4 to 4.5 seconds chaining ur abilities with heavy attacks in between. With this combination and using pristine cut onyx gem on all pieces, a WH was able to effectively KO reliably 60-70% of them time, my health was at roughly above 10k. Not to mention wrecking ball essentially has 1- 1.5 second knockdown, where damage is uninterruptible.

If you use a Great axe right after, reap essentially voids all movement rolls away. Even though you i-frame roll away, Reap still pulls and does damage. Idk if this is bugged or not, or this is as intended.

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