Make Shield attributes count even when not using the sword - LIKE LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE WEAPON PIECE

SnS players get an unfair nerf that no other weapon user has, because you lose the stats of the shield when using your offhand weapon. I recently finally hit all 600gs item loadout, so that I can hit 300str/200con which is HUGE for any mellee player, both the 300str and the 200con perk give you a huge buff. Shield and Sword players are completely unable to reach both when using the offhand weapon. WHY!??

Has AGS ever acknowledged this? I would love an official statement…


Why would you get the bonuses from a weapon you’re not using? That makes no sense

I think what he is saying…that if you have a sword in a slot and another weapon in the second slot, the shield bonuses should still apply even when you switch to the second weapon. If however, you do not have a sword equipped in either slot, then I do not think shield bonuses should apply in that case.


What? You get the stats from every slotted but not currently in-use weapon…except the shield.

And on the top of that, shield has its own weight adding to ur armorer, very ridicolous


Oh, seriously? That’s…goofy. To be fair though the only other game I’ve seen a mechanic like that in is dark souls with the grass crest shield, so from personal experience it feels odd to still have boosts from something you’re not actively using

I prefer what they did with the sword, and shield from the holiday event, and hope they carry that over to the rest of the game.


too bad ags is gonna ignore this just like every other meaningful topic. instead they will respond in some bullshit half troll attention seeking garbage post about cabbage not having proper color on farm field and that is offensive towards vegans

They might as well, the shield has terrible stats per weight.

This Is actually fine. If shield didnt add weight, everybody would use tower shield and nothing else. Now you can still maintain light or medium bonuses based on what shield type you use.

The devs fked up on this one by adding shieldslot as part of armourslots.

They should have made that when you equip sword a shieldslot would pop up next to it.

Shield+Swordstats = 1 other weapon stats. So now sword players are punished when using their secondary weapon by losing 1/2 worth of weaponstats.

If shield would count all the time they would benefit 1/2 stats when using their secondary weapon… And so would everyone else that use shield without having a sword equipped…

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Yeah, seems like u cant make S&S a secondary weapon… they surely screwed on this 1

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Wouldn’t some combos be unfair? If you have crit sword, crit shield and a crit hammer. You would have 33% where everyone else could only have 22%

OP is talking about attributes like strength/con etc., not perks or whatever. I think that’s standard for all other weapons, the attributes always count but the perks only apply when in use. For shields the attributes get subtracted… for example as soon as you sheath your 10 strength shield your total strength goes down 10 points.


Bump, this really needs more attention, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

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couldnt they just take all attributes off shield and make swords better?

That’s absolutely needed. Shield should count as long as sword is equipped (that must be required, ofc), even if the shield is on your back.

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Perfect. I can’t believe some ppl were replying to this thread without understanding this…

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And some are going to keep doing it even though it’s been explained several times in the thread.

Not very many people use sword so there isn’t enough noise.