Make the game more friendly, make everything easier to hit

I think that the AIM part is a great addition to the “MMORPG” dinamic, but I think that the difficulty curve of aiming IS TOO HIGH to be an MMORPG, it feels more like a third person shooter with things of rpg than a MMORPG with things of a shooter.
If you make ranged weapons considerable more easier to hit targets you will see a more fluid game and you will catch the players which likes mmorpg over than fps players.
Make all projectiles bigger and faster and easier to hit targets, and you will see more happy players. It is nice to see how good a player with a 5k hours on FPS can be in this game, but don’t forget it is mainly an MMORPG.
Also make meeles move more meters when they attack so they can catch players without spending a movement skill.

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Lowering the skill gap any more will kill pvp


Projectiles already got a bigger hitbox, doesnt get Body blocked by your mates anymore and are realistically fast.

Meele weapons ability to stick to a target will be increased with May Patch, the so called “lunge” gets increased.

Further buffing of projectiles would only lead to exactly what you do Not want, more FPS gameplay and less MMORPG gameplay.

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Very bad idea.


This is honestly some of the worst feedback I’ve seen and its no wonder AGS is making their game dumber and dumber if they listen to shit like this.

One of the big reasons New World stands out and is still played by some, is because of its combat and high skillceeling. Which AGS seems to work hard on destroying after seeminlgy listening to similar feedback like this.

If you suck at aiming then work on improving it instead of making the game dumber for everyone else.



I laughed.

Agree completely with your post. If people want New World to be like another WoW clone… then go play the endless amount of tab-target mmo’s out there, you don’t even have to aim in any of those…


Why not just go one step further and get rid of aiming altogether. Make New WoWrld tab-target and remove all stagger completely, then we can truly get an mmorpg experience - watching cool-down numbers go down just so we can start our damage rotation again.


I’m sorry but even far as MMOs goes, New World has some of the lowest skill ceiling in the genre. In New World there is so much noise that override mechanical skill. (Gear disparity, two weapons being the whole of the META, cheats and exploits, and what not.) That no one who has ever played or watched a skill based PvP game. Can ever take your comment serious.

My guess is that you are one of those people. Who have never watched a multi-million USD eSports venue. If you did, you’d noticed the lack of counterplay all PvE gear progression based PvP has. You’d also notice how much more unbalanced MMO PvP is. When compared to dedicated eSports. And then New World has Great Axe to win. Which is the most powerful weapon in the game. With the lowest skill ceiling in the game.

You can’t say your game has a high skill ceiling. When the most powerful and imposing META weapon in the game. Is a LMB spamming weapon. That has some auto tracking on it. Sorry, that’s not how that works.


You say there is no skill ceiling yet there is huge difference in skill in this game.

Its true Great Axe is the most meta and also very “noob friendly”, but it also so huge difference between bruisers and their skill.

I 100% agree with you that the game isnt really competetive when you consider all the shit New World has been through and still has ongoing. Forming a e-sport out of this game would be imposible with the current ingame economy and pay2win gearing. But a game can still have high skill ceiling while failing at other things.

Skill ceiling has nothing to do with balance and being competetive. A game can be incredible unbalanced and uncompetetive (New World…) yet have a high skill ceiling. Your LMB spamming point makes no sense. In CSGO, what exactly are you doing when you shoot? There is so much more to skill than just what weapon you are using… Movement and teamwork being a big part of it in New World.

If you had seen some of my other posts you would know I have complained many times about how incredibly unbalanced and uncompetetive this game is because of the horrible gearing system among other things.

Not a good idea OP. Having to aim is what makes this game unique. If you want to “sort of aim” go and play ESO :+1:


Show me your bow ways master.

I used the bow for the first time the other day after watching your vod. It’s level 11, and I understand that, but oh my fucking god… It is difficult. Lol.

I play FPS’s so maybe I just need some muscle memory built in with the projectile Speed but damn, I am hot fucking garbage with a bow. :rofl::rofl:

Also, lack of Sensitivity customization irritates the shit outta me.

I got rank 1600 one season on PUBG when it was extremely popular with a 2.8 K/D and I can regularly pop a 15 kill or so game on warzone without a warm up. I was a god with the ax-50 because I mastered the drop and velocity, but I feel like a paraplegic using the bow.

I hope it’s me and not the weapon. Lmao

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In regards to skill ceiling.

I think it’s fair, I don’t think it’s high though.

There is too much forgiveness in this game when ironically it is based on a combat system in a franchise known for its difficulty.

Healers erase any mistakes you make along with the massive amounts of stamina you can abuse. The floor is at a fair level IMO but the ceiling isn’t much higher. At the same time, having a tiny bit of insight and understanding makes a good bit of difference when it comes to being effective.

If you’re mechanically horrendous, you can still be effective. If you’re mechanically perfect, desync will ruin that or a healer can make sure you don’t reap your reward.

Mechanically, I’m fair. Game sense is where I excel. There isn’t much of a punishment for my mechanical mistakes I make that I can see with my own eyes and at the same time, there isn’t much of a reward for making a 200 IQ play due to nerf bat culture and a healers cooldowns has a high chance of negating any good play you do.

If it isn’t desync ruining good plays, it’s the massive heals and the stamina abuse.

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I come from MMO’s… mainly ESO, so aiming wasn’t my strong point at all. I think it is as you said it is muscle memory. You get used to how much you have to lead your shots and the good news is it is A LOT easier next patch :grin: I have played bow since closed beta so I should be at least half decent by now :grimacing:

I have my DPI at 400 and in game sensitivity at 15… This helps massively. I have added a sensitivity clutch to my razer mouse which is about 2000 DPI. This allows me to turn faster when I need to👍

Sounds like you have the experience to easily surpass my skills and failing that being good at editing helps :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What server you on?

Midgard EU at the moment, you?

You are definitely NOT left button spamming in CS. Not if you want to hit anything that is…;).

CS will forever be the ultimate PVP game to me. Mostly because there is lots of room for tactics in the game. I’ve been playing it for 20 years and I no longer have the fast twitch to beat many players in a face to face duel. Luckily map knowledge, being able to bait people with sounds, paying attention to where your teammates are (and were), all allows you to shoot those high skilled people in the back! New world has too many hps and not enough small spaces. There are no tactics here. It’s all twitch or zerg.

The same argument applies to New World. There is a huge difference between players who knows how to attack 1 click at a time and dodge perfectly, meanwhile you have those who just spam LMB and locking themselves in animations unable to dodge and hitting air most of the time.

You havent played agaisnt proper companies if you think there is no tactics.

I dont disagree CS is a far more competetive game, but competetive wars in New World is some of the best PvP experienece ive had in a game.

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Don’t do wars, so I can only speak to open world and OPR experiences. Due to the poor design of this game, wars are basically exclusive content for sweatys. Personally, I believe the settlement system is a core issue with why so few people are left playing this game. Settlement flips and invasions should have happened dynamically in the open world so anyone who wanted to participate could. This would have made open world pvp meaningful and it would, you know, actually happen. Making those two big pieces of content exclusive was a huge mistake (especially when people leveling can’t really find any PvP until 60). That fact and AGS poor server/population management are huge drivers of people leaving.

You have missed out then :frowning: I agree AGS has made its “main content” way too exlcusive. If the upcoming arena update had been here from launch maybe we would have seen alot higher numbers of current players…

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