Make the OUTGOING whisper sound the INCOMING whisper sound

Title. I can’t stress this enough. For me at least, it seems alternate reality backwards to have sending a message make an audible loud noise, yet receiving one barely makes a sound. This faint teeny sound gets lost in the mix of all the other in game sounds. I always miss whispers -.-

It just seems like someone placed the files backwards or something, and it never got addressed.



This is true :slight_smile:

It boggles the mind.

Would also love to see some kind of notice that I have a unread message. Its very easy to miss now if you dont play with sound on always, when afk or browsing the trading post for example.

Thanks for the feedback, sushileaf. Missing whispers can be annoying. However I’d like to ask, other than switching the sounds, would you prefer an entirely new sound?

so truueeee. i made like 3 posts already. this bug exists since patch 1.1 into the void with the whisper sound i guess huh?

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