Make the Server "reset" at a certain time of day

Personally, I think the game should be run under an “internal clock” server-wide system. This means that all CD’s, chests re-activating, Gypsum Cooldowns, etc. would all reset at the same time of day. Other MMO’s such as WoW have this system implemented to where on Tuesday morning, the server “resets” and people are able to do their weekly activities such as raiding and getting their M+ boxes come up.

It would make more sense for us all to get our Asmodeum cooldown, chests respawning, etc. activating at one time of day, so we don’t have to keep track of each individual timer of every aspect of the game.

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Though I know this is a major coding predicament, if this was changed to an internal clock than it would improve many aspects of an individual’s daily activities

This is a great idea!

I think it would even improve the server performance. Having thousands and thousands of lines on the data base storing each chest, gipsum, craft cd, etc por each player with unique clocks… has to be a LOT OF DATA. That could be reduced a LOT of we had a world wide Clock.

I hate the idea of having to make the chest runs or activities with cooldown at the exact same hour every day because of this clock system.

I hope Amazon gives a chance to this idea.

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox Would like some feedback on this topic because I think it’s a major QoL difference for the game. Gets people to stop keeping track of 84 timers and thinking to themselves “Did I do my Ebonscale chests today?”

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It would be nice to have an answer from AGS on this topic. @Luxendra

the devs gave up long time ago boys n girls… Save your breath… sad as it is…

The fact that some think this is a novel idea when its pretty standard in every other game I’ve ever played. (And I don’t mean the OP, I am glad they brought it up.)

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