Make Transfer tokens buyable

Make the tokens buyable. It would fix so much of the dead server issues/companies getting locked out. If your company got locked out half way through transfer then one side can just buy the tokens back to go to an unlocked server. It would also fix the issue of players hesitating to transfer. I’m sure that many players would rather be able to buy transfer tokens than not have tokens in general. Also AGS would be making money. Its literally a win, win. Theres no reason not to have buyable transfer tokens.


I agree, put the transfer tokens to buy … I really don’t know what they are waiting for.

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After seeing what free tokens did to servers that is a bad idea.

It’s not a win win. Transfer tokens literally killed servers, Over populated servers and killed popular servers. It’s a bad idea seeing how the free one went into play.

and you’re thinking about those who don’t have a transfer token and are stuck on a dead server??? I do not think…

Yup that will solve everything , people could freely move between server in their region. Set the world to 5-6 world so you have 2-3 high pop , 2-3 med, 1 low for different type of people. I think the only negative things I see here is people going farm on lower pop server and transferring back (or bots :robot:) but I don’t really have a solution for that

They should cost $30 to discourage people from abusing them.

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Yea I wouldn’t mind like 20$, I think 15 might be a good compromise

i agree

This would just kill the game! It happened in previous games aswell (i’ll avoid name them).
Servers will get unbalanced after each drama when a big company lose a territory.

To fix the issues, my personal opinion, would need less servers. Atm its no point to keep servers with under 20-200 players.
Leave servers with over 500 active players as they are.
Merge all small servers into group of servers to reach 500-700 players. Do NOT give transfer tickets at least a month after merge to let companies/players to settle down and know each other.
Transfer tickets should be only FROM servers with over 1.000 players to wherever they want, either another big server or to a chill server with 500ish players.

I totally understand the high numbers of the servers needed at beginning. But the beginning hype its over. Empty servers are usually filled with bots cuz nobody or very few players will bother report them, even if bots get caught by a player, bots have enough other spots to move when players dont go often. Then it’s also the Amazon costs of hosting the servers online for servers that cant fill 100 players for a territory war or worse cant fill 50 players for invasions (not mentioning on those server Outpost is out of discussion).


put a 30 day lockout on the tokens, no need to cost so much. some countries $30 is alot of money. with a 30 day lockout the abuse of the system will be rather limited.


$20 transfer cost

30 day cool down.



you get free ones occasionally

if you screwed up and split your company its on you guys to fix it your self.

wink wink.

I can afford to buy all costumes, emotes, etc in game. It’s weird, ur idea sounds good but also discriminate ppl who cant afford spending money on transfers.
Then if those tickets would be tradeable we gonna end up in another abuse or gold seller profit business. So on any note there are good parts and bad parts.

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making the tokens tradable would be a stupid idea but there will be a need for a lockout.

really only two options.

  1. you get one once a month. especially with how the servers are now

  2. you can buy one if you are impatient.

  3. you have a 1 day grace period to undo a selection.

the freebee helps the poor
the purchased one is incase of a mistake x 2
the grace period is incase you misclick or screw up your company wide transfer.

if a server is locked then its locked… too bad.

No. It would have to be at least a one year lockout.
You should know where your “friends” are playing by now.

and “I’m in a dead server” doesn’t work anymore. You can transfer out right now.

It’s very wrong to move over each 1 month, my personal opinion so dont flame me.
Once u transferred to a server 500+ or 1.000+ players then u should NOT get another transfer ticket for 3 months or in case ur server drops under 500 players.

Or eventually after using a transfer ticket u should get at least 60-90 days cooldown for next transfer.

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