Make unlisting items return them to your inventory again

For those who don’t remember or are new, it used to be that unlisting an item from the tradepost would return it to your inventory. This was a great QOL feature and let you, say, list items in a remote, nearby town, and then later if they weren’t selling, unlist them while in your home town.

However, players realized they could use this to transport items between cities, and circumvent the horrible weight-based Azoth fast travel system and terrible storage system. (It used to be, to move items between towns, you had go go on foot, or else spend hundreds of Azoth to fast travel. Back then Azoth was hard to get. Vials of sus. sold for 250g at a time when the average player had less than 10k.)

AGS used to be anti-QOL and make drastic changes to force players to interact with bad systems (looking at you, original expertise system). Making unlisted items return to the city storage of their listing was one of these attempts at forcing players to “play correctly.”

Since then, they’ve obviously done a 180, making fast travel extremely cheap and storage free and instant to transfer between towns. As a result, I think it’d be nice if they reverted this change, and made unlisting items return them to your inventory, or at least give you an option to make this the default behavior.