Make war defender respawn back at the Fort, not beside the flag

Last war we way overkilled the enemy, but still all enemies spawns beside the flag, we have lower GS against them but we have strategy and skills.

I believe most of the actual wars are the same, if the GS and level are similar: Attackers take 2 points but third one is way too difficult because even if the enemy is killed they just spawn beside the flag and spam crowd control attacks and rush the point until they push back (not kill) all the enemies, so they “tank” the flag until they get killed, getting back the whole effort done by the attacker in the flag faster than what it takes to take it.

In wars hability and strategy are most important, and the equal conditions needs to be set. If attacker spawns at war camp at the beginning but after taking the flags spawns at those, deffender needs to be punished to spawn back at the Fort, at least in the Fort gates.

Is very annoying to see how 40 players spawns just beside the flags and with no strategy, skills or effort take back the flag without killing anyone.

The simple fact that wars have control points is just bad design in my opinion. I have provided a suggestion here:
Suggestion on how to improve territory wars, from starting them to being in them and after wars - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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