Make War Territory into Faction Wars! Suggestion

For my suggestion, let’s consider that the server is at max power, with that i bring some conditions:

  • Server full, 2000 people online;

  • 700 Syndicates;

  • 500 Marauders;

  • 800 Covenants;

  • War in Windsward between Marauders and Syndicates;

Make the territory war into instances.
After that, create the lobby for the war where the people can sign up. So, lets say that:

  • 50% of Syndicate sign in ->350 players;

  • 60% of Marauders sign in → 300 players;

With this being said we have 6 battles (6*50, because there’s only 300 marauders, it cap the number of battles) at the same time happening for the same porpose.
The attackers and defenders sign a captain to each battle so he can design the teams and organize the people. The battles are all at same time, but in different instances, so everyone has a chance to play it, to fight for it and contribute.

The influence percent to win the war depends of the number of battles that we have, which means:

1 battle(100players) 2-4 battle(+ 200-400) 5+ battles(+500-2000)
100%-0% 40%-60% 30% - 70%

First percent is for the company attacking and defending. The second is for the other battles. The major battle must have higher percent, then the others.

The company that is attacking/defending has 30% of influence in winning the war.

The other battles total influence is 70% of War, which is divided by the number of each one. Which gives 14% (70/50=14) to each battle.

We just need to get more then 50%(sum of all battles percent) to winning the war, which means, for this example:

  • the faction that wins the war, must have at least 1 win in the major battle(company attacking) and 2 more wins of 5 in the other battles.

  • the faction that wins the war, could loose the major battle but must have at least 4 wins of 5 in the lower battles.

The biggest company’s must work a lot to improve the own faction gear and tatics. This would involve everyone in the server that wants to participate in wars. It will improve the enviroment of the game aswell. This will bring more strategy to each war.
It will destroy “the big companies” or it could make a company with 500 players, imagine that! Couldn’t wait for lot of drama!

Can you imagine this happening? Cons? Pros?

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Servers can’t handle a big skirmish in one area. Can barely handle a 50 vs 50, which is why they’re making wars instanced.

Would imagine an instanced, large fight, wouldn’t be plausible due to the potato servers.

That’s why i said they must be instances. And what you think of the rest?

Oh, I love the idea. Would be amazing to have large scale fights determining the territories. I absolutely despise the current system, and how much of a pain it is to try to get slotted into wars.

Be easier if companies couldn’t pay mercs and do cross faction fights.

Current system is horrible. One company essentially controlling wars and who controls which territory.

BUT, even with instances, their servers couldn’t handle a large fight like that.

50 vs 50 wars need more balance, and a weekly income cap added…with more taxes that companys pay based on income.

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I do agree with you.

But i don’t know if several instanced wars at same time, would be lagging ! I don’t think so

Just did a 20v20 opr match on Ohonoo. I havent fone an opr match for a couple of weeks.

Weapon swap lag, input delay, my character had my great out but started swinging it overhead like it was my hammer. Ive never seen that before. The game has to be cleaned up and the devs have to take care to make the modes playable and not a bug, desynced, laggy riddled mess for it to grow.

Its nice to throw out grand ideas and I encourage them but if the devs don’t fix the base playability none of our or their ideas are going to pan out. Why do 20v20 OPR matches with no active wars going on a server play so poorly?

That’s what it should have been. War between factions. A fraction, not a company, will receive tax


The current tax system is messed up and you still haven’t fixed it. The system that should be is the system that is currently being spoken. Why don’t you game management see them? The majority do not want the current system.

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