Making another Character to play due to Queues is not a viable option

So we have these epic queues today spilling over from yesterday, I can only comment on EU server issues, as that is my chosen server area.
We hear of server transfers, make new characters, this is not fixing the immediate problem to hand. Staff at Amazon gaming are throwing extra servers But this is not enough, you are hoping this all sorts it self out after a few days to a couple of weeks.
I don’t see this as a solution, if players are going to invest time and effort and give you longevity of game play, then the player base will not disappear.
I tried to make another character, but you will end up in a queue anywhere from 5k to 600, those being language specific sets. This is baring in mind mid afternoon uk, not even prime player time yet.
Please take your heads out of the sand and just own up to the community that you have gotten it so wrong, and give us some hard facts of what you have each server capacity at and is there head room to expand it. Please start to be transparent with us, most of us have been gaming a long time and know the usual cut n paste script from staff.
I will probably get into game quicker than a staff reply, thats for sure.

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