Making balance changes before fixing bugs is the stupidiest decision ever

How does it even make sense?
What if without bugs certain weapons play different?
Whats the IQ of people making such development decisions?


I agree with this 100%. I think it is ridiculous to try to balance weapons when massive bugs exist still. For example, both the Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff have multiple bugs that affect their mechanics and their damage. Why would you ever roll out a massive list of balance changes to these weapons when they aren’t even working as intended in the first place.

Def agree, You are going down ESOs path of providing new content every 3 months whilst leaving game breaking bugs in the game that have been there since beta, plus adding new bugs!!!

Don’t you remember when every other MMO released with:

  • Every single weapon being broken
  • Every skill tree being broken
  • Housing broken / misinformative
  • Gold / Item Dupes
  • No patching schedule
  • No character transfer
  • Invincibility bugs
  • Perks broken
  • New bugs introduced w/ every patch
  • No test server
  • Bare minimum communication
  • Untested server load
  • Bugs in alpha / beta existing in release
  • Huge economic crises
  • Endgame void of content
  • Crafting pointless / broken
  • Boss / Mob spawns broken
  • Boss / Mob mechanics broken
  • Maybe a dozen enemy types

Some of these, definitely.

All of them? A much shorter list.

You guys clearly are overreacting and need to ground yourself in reality.

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