Making tanking proactive instead of a waiting game

Instead of tanks defaulting to blocking and then attacking once the boss has done his thing, either using light attacks or shield bash (with the stamina perk) how about we made SnS blocking much faster and smoother? Currently on bosses tanks are in a waiting position and not playing proactive, rather we are waiting for the bosses first move. Lets flip this around and make blocking much faster and a proactive thing instead of it being the default.

Can we also make the bosses attacks much more telegraphed? Some of their stuns are really hard to see, while other normal attacks are incredible easy to notice.

On a seperate note. Can we stop mobs from knocking us backwards on all attacks when you block with a shield? IMO only grit attacks should be able to knockback when you block using a shield. That way it also forces us to sometimes use our stamina on dodges.

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