Making the game easier

Seems the biggest mistake EVERY game makes is making the game easier. People play for hours, and not even what would be considered “hard core” players, to earn their place in the top ranks. Further down the line new players complain “it’s too hard to catch up” and devs have a habit of making the game easier for them, completely diminishing the effort needed for the initial players.

Look at these forum pages…80% of them are complaints requesting the game to be made easier. These players could care less how much time the initial players spent, they simply want to race to the end game as quickly as possible so they can compete.

I see AGS maintaining this same status quo…2x weekends (which I thoroughly enjoyed myself) and 2x quest experience for mid range quests.

The entitlement people will argue against this post…the guys/gals who have been here since alpha/beta will understand however. I get it, business sense to obtain as many sales as possible, but I do hate to see it happen.

If they double xp it’s bot status quo tho. You should look at the definition of status quo first.

On the subject i do agree making the game easier is not good for the game. But QoL and easier ate different matters. Making all trade post linked = improvement. Free tp over weight = easier. Free movement of items between cities without even having them to be in faction = too easy.

QoL I agree with…yea it sucked running out of Azoth porting between towns to move stuff around…but I’m not hurt because it’s so much easier now (too easy).

Trade posts linked…liked and disliked, but again QoL as far as I’m concerned. I made good money farming cinnamon and taking it to zones to sell it was not available in, but definitely not a game breaking thing.

Being able to roll a 60 from lvl 1 in 2 days because of a 2X weekend, or even a few days because xp is doubled from 30 to 45 (or whatever it is now)…that’s a bit more disappointing.

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