Malicious reporting is getting out of hand

Its getting to the point where Im seeing a lot of contentious behavior and while I would prefer if everyone just has a tough skin, there are some individuals that dont wish to see it both in the game and in the forums. Im not going to judge their opinion on the matter. However, I’m perfectly willing to revoke my right to report on on the use of malicious profanities and durogatory behavior if I have removed the filter for myself to not see such language and i would expect that to be the same for other individuals who have removed their filter. And i think that should be the case right across the board in the same way I would prefer if I can no longer communicate with those that do have the filter on. Its a demograph that I think I would not have much to say to or rather want the need to walk on egg shells around. I would prefer if that person could not see my post unless they have expressly waved their right to report in the case they might disagree with my observations or opinions. If im being a moron I would prefer if someone said it out right and had the gull to say why they though I was. To me thats just another lesson learned and a discussion. If I tell somone they are being a moron and explain why, 9/10 I get served a memo saying you are suspended or a post was deleted.
To summerize and solve, if players in game have removed the profanity filter they should have a special icon for a parental advisory in the forums and in game as we currently have no warning for ourselves if we are talking to a malicious reporter who is goating us into wrong say just to flag some reports.

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