Mana Costs Are Ridiculous

Why do most magic abilities cost anywhere from 20 to 30 mana when the mana bar is only 100 at base? Thats 20% to 30% of your total mana per ability. On void gauntlet you use 3 abilities in a row and congratulations you have to chug a mana pot. If you’re lucky you might get a 4th ability in there without drinking a mana potion. You should not go out of mana for casting 4 abilities when the other abilities in this game don’t even have a cost and are all free.

Look at ESO where abilities either cost stamina or magicka. Imagine if we had stamina potions in the game and all the physical abilities cost 20-30 stamina per ability. That would make combat feel terrible, especially since dodging is also costs 40-50 stamina. But my point still stands, we’ve got three options: add stamina cost, remove mana altogether, or reduce costs to around 10-20 per ability. A good balance range would be after you cast 10 magic abilities in a row, that is when you should go out of mana, not 3 or 4.

And before anyone says use mana food, mana return passives, mana items, or mana potions; I’m doing all four of these things and mana still makes mages feel unfun.


Have you tried right clicking to completely fill your mana pool almost instantly?


It’s just one of the many reasons why Magic in New World sucks and melee is king. w

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You can’t do that with void blade, since right-click is block. Also, it has a health cost and it is time where you are once again dealing with mana management instead of dealing damage; an issue that stamina or physical damage dealers don’t have.

fair enough. I main ls and usually vg secondary with the ranged tree mana is never an issue, but with IG/FS it used to be more annoying.

@Luxendra sorry, meant to put this under Game Feedback if you could move it.

Void gauntlet has a high skill ceiling and managing mana (and health) is a big part of its gameplay.

If you take the right perks with IG and FS you regain mana fast. IG you get manna back for hitting with light attacks and FS with heavy. Life staff has no cost on attacks. If you take the VG just right click and your mana fills up. IG just tomb and it fills your mana. VG Great when paired with the LS because you just heal up after. With FS and IG if your running both you have to manage your abilities and not pump all 6 in a row. But again just tomb to fill mana with that combo. There should not really be a reason to struggle for mana. You might need to pop a Pot in Oh poop moments. But Generaly if you learned the classes manna should be fine.


Fairly enough, phys abilities should probably have a stam cost…

And deplete all of your health

Health is just a resource, with the right build it can usually be ignored :stuck_out_tongue:

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