Mana Regeneration Potions should be revamped with the upcoming mage changes

Just a random thought, but honestly the Mana Regeneration potions effect is not noticeable enough to slot them. It would be more useful and demanded if they decreased mana consumption for x-amount of seconds, instead of regenerating a small amount of mana over x-seconds.


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Mages should have twice the mana consumption and deal way more damage, that’s my take.

Same for healers

At the moment, mana regeneration perks and mana potions are just a meme

Using all 3 void gauntlet abilities in quick succession depletes almost all your mana in one go if anything Stamina consumption needs a massive increase

I would say remove mana from mages or add mana to all other classes weapons.
Seems fair enough.

Or also add stamina consumption to any weapon that does not use mana.
Also fair.

That would prolly balance the whole game without changes to damage on anything in any weapon.

They either need to remove mana potions or add stamina potions. I don’t think adding stamina potions is good for the game though

They’re called endurance Potions and they were removed from the game after the beta they were Mage Meta’s

That’s why I said it wouldn’t be good for the game. Besides, it will nerf any other weapon that doesn’t use mana, because they will use stamina for attacks and dodging…

This to infinity.

Mana is a non-issue my guy. I don’t see how adding mana to other weapons would balance the game when mana is literally a non-issue for every weapon that uses mana.

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