Managing Migration and Character Creation in Full Servers Now

He said ES/EN worlds, as he wanted to play in a server of his language, and i can confirm it too. It stayed 3 worlds for like 30k players triying to play the 1º day and when they oppened servers on day 2, none were for that comunity, and very few for EN only, so the swap was minimal cause these got populated very fast making queus of 2-3 hours for them. The most servers they added were like for DE/EN (can’t say how many now, but more than 12 for sure) and also 2-3 FR/EN. None for spain, none for italy, none for any other comunity related country while still they had servers with 10h queues and 0 options where to move.

While i understand that many De/En servers cause they had a huge comunity also, i didnt understand why they oppened “just these” and wait that much to offer options to other countries or full En servers.

Not blaming here, just confirming what Chof said. And u can check it if you google about what servers were oppened and when, not just the number.

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you can’t see on that specific image but at that link you can see the types of servers opened.*

Also I was more comping on the fact that he said no servers were opened until the 3rd, 4th day. That just isn’t true.

if u dont want to play in a server where u cant understand what people say on chat (including wars, help, commerce and recruitment in a moslty pvp/conquest game…) it is tecnically true.

They oppened servers for a specific comunity but didnt give real options to EU central (i would give you rigth if almost were EN related servers that you can almost understand “go, back, left gate or fort”) For me i hadn’t any option where to swap, and also happened for him. So… for me, any server was oppened to solve my long queues until end of day 3

Now you showed that you have no idea. That shows the total servers. Not the servers added. All EU servers where in maintenance more than 2 days. Just look at queues per day. Please, dont talk about things you dont know. Seriouly. I have a fyll thread in spanish with pictures per days with all the data.

I asked 3 days long for maximum char. registration per server
Finally they did it!

You want it, ill give it to you.

Thread in spanish about the data:

Thread of servers implemented:

Pictures of servers per day. Spanish ones:

1º one 4 days ago. We are here at 12:20 CEST on Saturday.

This is all what they added 1º day in EU:

This was done Wednesday at 19:40:

This at 22:00:

Queues in EU:
Black EU. Orange US East. Blue APAC. Green SA. Purple US WEST.

1º Day More than 400k
2º Day 350k ±
3º Day 300k
4º Day 150k

Just only compare it with all the other regions. Its madness.

Now it says there are 230 servers in EU.

Lets count. Now its 12:28 CEST. Not peak hour by far:

It doesnt even feet with the numbers of New World Server Status & Population ( More or less 60 servers diference.

Spanish servers now.

You can see the rest of pictures in the other thread and use translator if you want.

PD. Sry for wall text to everyone.

please tell me if I am wrong though. those servers aren’t called (FR) they are called (FR/EN) meaning French and English, not French solo. And adding in by that point they had already announced there would be 100% chance to migrate characters. Those added servers are viable places to play the game right…?

Where are you from and in what server are you playing?

Just tell me, do I have to play in an english speaking server when I can, and want, to play in a server where everyone speacks my language ? Cause your argument seems to try to follow the path where I can play in any server.

Maybe you forgot that this is a PvP game based in faction confrontations and guilds.

If most of my friends dont speack english, they should just not play this game? Even if its translated to spanish? What are we doing if we dont reach 100 in the guild and there is no more spanish people in the server? We get english speakers in the guild and discord? We stop all talking spanish to talk english?

Please… Stop it…

Didnt I say I changed from server 2 times? Do I have to create another character? There is not a single specification about how the migration will be. Thats the reason why I wrote this thread to ask amazon.

In theory, you can migrate from anywhere to everywere. But they just closed character creation in some servers. Kor, the most populated spanish server isnt locked. Kevland, the first server opened after release is locked, where my guild is. So I dont understand at all whats going on.

Very smart very… wtf where is logic? World set Vanaheim XI, servers with queue 1 - 1.7k - I CAN create character, servers with queue 70-350 I CAN’T create charactar… wtf

Honestly, I’d prefer the long queue times (or rather, I’d prefer to just log on, outside of peak times). At least I’d still get to play on the same server as all my friends. I’ve got a guild with over 100+ players. I can’t just ask them all to switch/lose all their progress to a low pop server for just myself. That’s selfish and silly. Locking out players who bought the game late, who just want to join servers with their friends, is in my opinion shortsighted. I’m looking at the server I want to join. It’s still classed as a high pop server, with a 0 person queue and yet, it still has the same “character creation temporarily disabled” message. I’ve been checking it every hour, on the hour for the past 16 hours. Nothing has changed, It’s now 2:17am and I ‘still’ can’t gain access to it. At this point, I’m better off, refunding my money, getting my $60 back and going back to WoW.


Well, of course u “can play”. But u can try to join a ES/EN server and try to follow something in a open world invasion for your faction… no one write nothing but spanish (not talking about discord comunity). would u get fun? In a “regular” server u can read spanish, russian or whatever as trash talk, but people try to organice in english.

With the server migration, that changes. But more info was truly needed (in one thread someone asked a pair days ago if really u will be able to join a “populated server” from a unpopulated one, and the answer was “we will give more information in the next days”. That’s not a very confortable situation. But even in the best scenario, it will take 1 or 2 weeks playing as a forever alone, while u read and only understand purupupurupur.

It is not like when u join a korean game not launched in your area and u know what you will find. Here u can of course join any server, don’t understand a shit, and just try to kill everyone in your way. But u migth not be searching that. U migth be searching lvl up in party, try to conquer a city or join late nigth after work, and just chill with 3 friends hunting wolves, exploring and dueling or meeting people.

Again, I’m not blaming (here) what amazon did or what not. I don’t understand some choices, but i don’t have all the info they have to consider about. I have a friend in server A, other friend in server B, and two more in server C, and is not fun to play that way… But over all i hope you understand what is the point i defend here. They were slow and that cause a “little” mess cause u didn’t have more Realistic options to choose and that give us to “this”. People who have deleted twice, people who didn’t tried to register this week cause queues and now playing alone, servers over populated and other empty… and who knows what about tomorrow

If they had take faster resolutions (just the same, but faster) or even just comunicated openly the info. It is different to say “we know the issues and we are working on it” than “…we are working on it, we will be able to launch 10 servers along the day, and we are working on launching these 30 late tomorrow in preparation for…”

Then u can choose. U can know what to wait. (we didn’t even know the size of the worlds at launch and people was worried about country-related servers being underpopulated xDD. And because of that some few servers had 20k players while other 200)

Just more comunication was needed and is still needed. But well, that wasn’t our discussion, sorry xD

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Yes, this is so stupid, now because you implemented this change and you dont have server transfers available I cant play with my son. What a brain dead team.


The servers should be opened again and capacities should be increased. More servers is an option in the short-term, but in the long-term people will want to play with their friends and will join the game after a month, three, six or even a year and will still want to play with their friends and possibly their company on the same server.

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My son and me cannot play together!
He started on castle of steel and got to level 16 and I joined the game
It was greyed out so plan was pick another server and we went for one of newer server called tugley wood
I got to level 19 and he was going to join me and level up
At peak time it was at best queue of 200 and easy to get in
When I started there it was medium
He tried to join yesterday and character creation now greyed
Please only block the ones which queue is hours to get in at peak time not the 10 minutes at best on a server like tugley wood

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After hurricane Ida, we didn’t have much left, after over a month of putting our lives back together I loaded up the game on October 2nd to finally be able to relax and play a game with my friends. To my surprise, I couldn’t join my friends, even though the que was less then 100. After talking to 2 different support reps, I was told that I could not get a refund or any kind of compensation for the troubles, and that I should just wait or go play somewhere else. If it was that easy to lock them, then it is that easy to unlock them. I can’t believe someone sat down and said “I KNOW! Let’s keep people from playing together! That’s how MMOs work!”


As i said: LET’S FRIENDS PLAY TOGETHER! Unlock servers, boost It to increase their max population and continue migrations!

You cant resolve queue problems locking servers… Never seen something like this before. I should can join a friend ever! If queue increase for this so you have to increase server max pop and promote migrations.

Well, at least I saw that. Which answer pretty much the doubt. What I cant understand is why amazon answers more in twitter than in the oficial forums…

now the questions is…¿tht means you could transfer to full severs?.. cause almost all Eu servers are full


Honestly I am irate about this decision on capping full servers.

I have truly been enjoying the game and want my friends to enjoy it as well.

I am in a full, but minimum cue time, server and want my friends to play and enjoy the game with me. Now the friends I have convinced to buy the game have refunded because they can join my server.

I never complain about shit, and I guess it could be a compliment as to how good the game is that I’m here on these forums complaining about this decision. However being an mmo not being able to play with friends makes me not want to play at all.

Ques, at this point are totally optional. If you want to play on a low pop server…go ahead. But if you want to play on a server with friends you should have that choice, even if it means long ques.

Again I have made an account and posted on a forum which I can’t express enough, I DO NOT DO THIS. But I feel it’s needed for Amazon to understand this is a bad move.

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Why didn’t you go join your friends that you “convinced to buy the game” on a server where you could get in with no queue’s? Sounds selfish to just expect them to wait hours to play with you.