Manufactured Misery on Krocylea (U.S. East)

Hey all! I figured with the servers being down for the time being this would be a good opportunity for smaller guilds or just casual group of friends to grow their group a bit.

Manufactured Misery is a group of roughly 8-10 active members with more on the way once server transfers happen (whenever they happen). We are all in our mid 20s and up, are active daily but do have some demanding jobs at times (half of us are active duty military).

Our main focus as of right now for the most of us is hitting 60 then moving on to more PvP and crafting related activities. PvP will be a HUGE go to for us at first along with getting our skills maxed out to 200 across the board in preparation for any content drops.

We do have a couple level 60s that are on a different server working towards getting a better gear score. The rest of us are around level 40-55.

In short, we are just looking to bring in some more relax, casual, down to earth players to quest with. The more the merrier. Feel free to add me on Discord for an invite DevNFPS#5417

Sorry for the poorly written post its too early in the morning and im a bit of a scatter brain.

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