Many Items selling for .01 g on market need to be revisited

@Unistic has a post regarding the Furnishing stains dating from Dec '21 so I’ll skip that one → Furnishing Stain:

Regarding the tier III and tier IV refining components:
How about an option to convert stacks ?

x20 Tannin into x1 Rested Tannin
x20 Rested Tannin into x1 Aged Tannin etc…

Maybe giving Reeds a little more lovin’ too, perhaps some kind of new arcana potion?

Bread bait is also looking pretty sad at the Trading post. Perhaps a cooking recipe could fix that?

You guys did a great job at giving Orichalcum ore and Hyssop a new life, keep it coming! :slight_smile:

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Those items for sure need to be looked into.

Stain needs its crafting multiplier decreased as you should not get 10000+ with just crafting from a small amount of raw resources. Also increase the stain used by crafting recipes.

Bait system needs rework, instead of increase in small/medium boost they should add i.e boost to catching Salmon fish or snails. Specific bait could give you a better chance to catch specific fish instead of boost to all fish. No one ever uses small/medium boost bait as large boost bait is EASIER to get than craft your own.

Reeds are well reeds… they are a side product Bulrush Plants for gathering bait and bulrush cobs. They are at least going for up to 0.05 on some times of the day as they are a small boost for furniture crafting.

Also mass produced food and potions need a larger sink. They are so over produced at current point that its cheaper to drop them than list on market.

Reeds are a good way to level territory standing. Wicker baskets give 61 standing for 35 reeds, 25 fibers and 1 weak solvent.

Never seen Wicker Baskets as territory standing quests.

maybe add charcoal options, like using reeds


A majority of crafting mods are completely worthless and will never ever be used a single time to craft anything.

Our economy is stale and dead because AGS has so many worthless items. In New World 99.5% of items have zero value.

They have done a good job on making changes that make worthless items much more valuable. So I do have hope that crafting mods, empowered counterbalances, eternal ice, embroidered padding etc will all one day be worth something.

embroidered padding and crystalline rivets dont even have a use in the game.

The whole crafting system is garbage.

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