Map locations gone

Anyone have any idea about how to get back map locations? Yes, I know about the map filters. I have no quest location icons on my map anymore, and the button “show map locations” (or whatever it was called) under each journal entry is gone as well.

I have the same issue on one of the servers I am on, not the other one. Very confusing.

I’ve had that a few time. It’s very disorienting. Relogging usually refreshes the map for me. Sadly, that does mean going to Queue Land again.

The only thing that works is logging back in don’t waste time trying to reset the quests or going back to npc it wont work.

do we know if they plan on fixing this soon its a nightmare happens every day


Sadly done many reloggings and does not work for me, but got them back last night just to have them gone today again. So lost again :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry. That’s incredibly frustrating and makes it harder to play. I played that way for several hours last night just to avoid having to start over in huge queue. It may not be the biggest bug they have, but it affects quality of play very negatively.

This happens when leaving an instance, such as a dungeon.

I have this issue now and I have even completely got out of the game and still hasn’t worked. Really would like for this to go away so I don’t have to run around the map like a chicken with it’s head cut off just to find the location of a quest.

I been having it now for a few days. I can’t do anything but just run around and guess. I have restarted the game several times. I even tried the unstuck per some info found online. I still don’t have the icons. Any other suggestions? Would uninstall and reinstall work. That would take time and hope I don’t have to. Also would this lose any information?

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This keeps happening to me as well.

keep restarting the game sometimes it works.

create a second character, load in, skip tutorial, log out, log in to your main character. you’re welcome. if the problem comes back, just delete the second character and repeat the process.

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