Map not really helpful

I keep opening the map but the map does not want to focus on me. It does not zero out.
I need the map to show me and not go on a tangent.
Please work on this problem.
centering on the player.

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Hey Solo-Paladin! I can see your frustration, but I’d like to collect some more information so I can send it to the developers, so they can have some detailed feedback on what can be changed.

How is the map negatively impacting your gameplay?
What could the developer team change about the map?

What he means I think is when you open map in a city, it doesn’t zoom into the city where you can zoom out. Instead you have to zoom in which is a little inaccurate and hard to navigate.

Adding on to discussion, I don’t really see the point of New World using a compass instead of a mini map. The whole purpose of a compass is to encourage exploration where you pick a direction and run to see content such as quests, caves, delves and other areas of interest.

I don’t think it works with New World currently where it’s the same repetitive quests and there isn’t a whole lot to explore.

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