Mara Rosa Boxes only dropping GS < 510

So i did the dungeon like 20 Times already now and always handed in the quest. The Boxes you get never drop over 510 GS. This doenot seem to be right imo. Even the quest for dyna is dropping better GS

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The team is working on this! Thank you!

any ETA for the fix by chance?

im jonesing man im jonesing to open these boxes.

i need my fix.

I feel you! But currently I do not have an ETA!

Not sure if this bug is also on track but the
[Tempestuous Cache] is only dropping Gypsum Orbs and no other items.
Todays patch didnt changed that @Aenwyn

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Will we be able to get the items dropped from these weapon caches to be upgraded to the correct GS? I have expertise 600 everything and only got 505 GS drops…

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So now that the boxes have been fixed, what is AGS doing to help the players who already opened their boxes and got 500-510 gear score items while at 600 expertise?

Are we just getting screwed again? Just remove all the items and replace all with 600s the way you did harvesting gear back in the day. No one cares anymore we are just tired of getting screwed by bugs on every release.

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