Marauder company [Aeternum Asylum] on FSS Crassus [EU]

Hey there folks,
I reached lvl 60 last night and I guess now is a good time to be looking for a community.
I was a little distracted when questing in Everfall so I made a little mistake and while questing switched faction from Syndicate to Marauder. It’s not a big deal, but for the rest of this year I’m bound to be green.
I say this because even if the game prevents me from joining a company of a different faction, I’m ready and willing to change faction as soon as the option is available again. But now to the fun part:
I’m active on a daily basis during the evening, full time employed and in my early 30ies. I have a character on legacy with 600+ gearscore and seen/done all expeditions, though mutation wise only up to M5. This is because I took a rather long break from the game between last Christmas event and this years medleyfaire event. So yeah, I’m one of those returning players, I just didn’t come back recently but in June. I have had my fun on legacy but found it quite difficult to catch up, gear and profession wise. I plan to stay on FSS, this is not just some break from legacy to enjoy the new hype.
What I am looking for is a community that plays together. PvE, PvP, or just running together questing, helping lower levels, I don’t care. As long as it’s done together I’m down for it. Active voice chat is highly appreciated, but I also enjoy a quiet farming session with just music on from time to time.
What can I offer?
Well I would describe myself as relaxed, affable and helpful. I’m very active, mature and more on the casual side. I don’t play to be the best/fastest/richest or whatever, I play to have fun.
The community should be either english or german speaking (or both, I speak both fluently). I don’t care about age restrictions, whether or not we get along is a matter of personality, not of age.
If there are any questions, feel free to ask. Discord information won’t be shared publicly, please send a DM in that case.

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I absolutely love this. I hope you find the right community!!

If you find a community willing to accept lower levels, please let me know! :laughing: im similar age and work commitments. Good to know it can still hold up in communities

I have a 60 on legacy but moved yesterday to fss on crassus… just about to hit level 30.

I would always try to play with friends but they end up dropping out and id be on my own. Same as the legacy server but this time around i want to be part of a community.

Goof luck!

Well, forum seems to be not the ideal place for this I’m afraid. Without a proper company section it’s understandable though. I’ll try to find one ingame tonight, or worst case, I’ll try to start my own some time. If I find out anything worth mentioning, I’ll let you know.

So yeah, I did create my own company again.
Aeternum Asylum
Feel free to message me if you feel like this might be your thing.

We’ve grown to about 50 people by now, many lvl 60 already but we also have some people enjoying the leveling phase and taking their time. If you are interested in a PvX, english speaking Marauder company, with discord and very helpful people, feel free to leave a comment.