March Release Notes - Discussion

All I can say is wow this update has a lot of potential, I have been playing LA mainly and only doing wars for this game over the last month. But this, this update might just bring me back. Here are some Screenshots of some of the updates and QoL changes that made me super happy to see and shows the devs are trying as hard as they can to turn this game around.

huge, as ranged buying ammo was a pain ranging from 2k spent a day, now I only need to save T5 for wars.

makes wars more balanced and gives offensive more potential to win

no more kill stealing rats… amen

more storage? thanks!

server wide cooldowns, what a blessing

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These are the best patch notes I have seen since the game launched. I wish they would change the kill credit to the game as a whole, and not just in OPR. Whoever wrote that patch notes have no idea how the game works though. You never got kill credit for putting someone into death’s door.

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So we still cant upgrade a house, so we must abandon a house get half gold back by a better one, OK

what i cant figure out is why there is so many bug fixes that are going live in the PTR tomorrow that could have been in the patch just released

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Loving the patch notes for march so far but really hope they will add outpost rush queing to the map as well


Man if all this makes it in, I would almost love to level a new toon on a fresh server. So many things that are just great.

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ammo in wars and invasions should be infinate just like opr.

Attackers should be forced to only spawn in their fort as well with this change though else defence really shouldnt win more than offence
everything else im down for

i would say still better bro, u have used that house returning it and get 50% back is good.

Really excited for this patch! Its very good one so far! At last they are starting to understand our pain.

It’s good tbh bur there are many problems rn. First of all firs weapon they released, the vg was already int and they’re releasing blubderbuss int str instead of dex str. Also there are still many bugs during pvp encounters. They added root to grav well bu root is bugged, I cant use any skill in the first phase of root because mychar moves first and then go back to root. So adding QoL improvements are great but there are bigger problems. Also if there is no knockdown status there’d be no respawn then?

we’ll have to see how it plays in PTR tbh

Fixes need testing before they hit the live servers.
Nobody wants to have an untested fix for some weapon’s perk that, as an unforeseen side effect, empties your bank, for example.

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