March Release Tomorrow 3/29


Great news!

Sadly, no notes about desync/lag/performance/ability queue. Hopefully, that stuff is in the patch.


Was going to post a thread, but you beat me to it.

Looking forward to this update on the live servers!

Just what the game needs, more bugs.

What will break this time.

Stop adding sh*t and fix what you have.

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What will break? we will. our hopes that a release can happen without issues will continue to whittle down the remaining few of us left

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Does anyone know of the other items that are currently DEX, being changed to STR?

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Meta is about to shifttttttttt555

Grav well is still the same, wtf is it going to shift to? More gravs? Every OPR / War is already a cluster filled with them.


nice for you guys! most people that are stuck on dead server (20&30&40) players online are not going to enjoy any of this.


Blunderbuss + Grav well coming at you boissssss


hah, I hope not. That was so bad on the PTR.

Hip hip hooray.

What time in Central?

Considering they don’t test any of their own content or gameplay I doubt this will be a worthy patch. It’s been a month and combat is ignored as if it’s not a major problem currently

I think this patch is a huge step in the right direction.
It dosent solve a lot of core problem but fixing some of them and the game becomes more playable and more fun.
Im happy about it.
Stopped playing around end of December.
Its worth to spend some time again in my opinion and waiting to fix other things.

If arenas release will come with desyng,lag and other issues then sad comesdes, but Im out.

Dont care about this patch sadly. Well maybe wars change will be interesting.

well its been delayed LOL man even amazon cannot do one patch without failure lol i wonder if its a dupe bug or gold exploit this time

At least they found the bug prior to the patch. Well…ONE bug. :laughing:


Wrong 3/30. Until they come out to announce it will actually be 3/31.