Mark euro servers multilanguage

well you can try and look it up… let me know what you find out

well generally a country have 1 language (canada/usa are different since they are made of migrants) and then they learn "secondary/tertiary language in school but natively they speak 1

so seeing how many live in each country gives a fair idea of how many speak each language… I kept it simple so you could keep up

molly? trying to insult me?

Again completely ignoring the fact that people learn 2nd and sometimes 3rd language in school. Which in most cases surprise surprise is English.

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you are not needed to be insulted dude . you showed us everything. cant even give proper fact to counter arguements :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
almost every single kid on EU gets english lesson so maybe we keep it simple but u still cant understand huh ? :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I don’t ignore that they learn other languages… I learned german and spanish… (wouldn’t want those to be the "you can only use these on the server languages) on top of english and danish

I talk about their MAIN language you know the one they are COMFORTABLE talking and writing in? learning a 2nd or 3rd one doesn’t mean you are ANY good at it… or COMFORTABLE using it… I even stated so in the primary post… apparently that blew over your head eh?

darealOG they get lessons… read what I just wrote above… and your insult didn’t work on me… don’t care if you think I am on drugs (had to google it) but apparently you must be since you are so “in” to the terms eh? And they are proper facts since I talk about primary language not extra languages

so you didn’t keep it simple, I already knew they learn english… I STILL stated that some are just more comfortable using THEIR OWN LANGUAGE… comprehend that simple fact yet? can’t cut it out more clearly now. Got no further replies for you and your drug addiction… I dont do drugs, never have… if that is something you fancy then go ahead, I don’t care.

no clue who this Jeff whatever is… haven’t noticed the name ingame either… I have seen weird names like woodharveste, and randomgamer00 and so on… shrug I could care less what people call their pixels

but we have a serious issue when so many are so easily offended and their little snowflakes melt like they hit the sun… when did this offendedness start? it’s getting ridiculous…

also USA is so politically correct with “swearwords” but many people in Denmark use them ALL the time… most don’t see them as so bad words because “they are not danish words” so fck, cck, dck and btch is OFTEN used in daily speak (of course we have the more easilyl offended church goers that blush as such “harsh” words) but most don’t really put much into it and doesn’t really get offended about it… I’m a '78 gen so not really a young kid anymore, we grew up with crap like that, where our grandparents would roll over in their grave if they heard it… but the younger than me gens are even worse shrug even old hardy sailors have a hard time keeping up with young schoolgirls these days.

we also have a swearword filter in game… USE it… and quit reporting people for stupid shit like that constantly… and if you are so easilly offended then mute/block people so your eyes don’t bleed due to a little text on a screen… and we can all live happily ever after…

and for DNAKA… “This game is rated PEGI 16” I think your kids know ALL the words they are gonna seein this game already from school and kindergarden… are they under 16? then they shouldn’t be playing this game, move back to Minecraft and Roblox please til they are old enough

Are you serious or trolling? Last I check Russians servers not in the list. It’s disrespect from your side to tell people what language they should speak on multi language server.


That’s beacuse people are paranoid and think they’re being talked about or whatever.
People usually use their own language beacuse it’s more comfortable that way.
Easy fix would be adding separate language chat channels.

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are u troll or serious ? only multi language servers are “eng /spa/de/fr” so ruski language is not get ur facts before u talk ok ?

Are you sure about that? I recently started the game and i think i saw beside those languages when i was choosing a server also PL, IT and maybe few more but im not 100% sure.

This servers with preferred language and those without mark are multi.

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@Littlebits. so If i speak in a language You dont understand, and i insult you and your family, its ok, cuz “the message wasn’t for you” … load of crap there boy. Global means for everyone to use/understand. there are other ways to communicate with ppl in different languages.

global on many servers is overrun by for example Turk players spamming Turkish on global 24/7 not just short sentences, its whole conversations making it impossible to find any info others may post that are useful for me. that’s the problem.
If they can’t respect others, they can’t demand respect back.

Also. You mentioned Russia has like 145mil people… look HOW MANY of them live in the part that’s considered Europe, and that the most of those almost 150 millions live in ASIA. so stop making shit up. You tried, You failed. Deal with IT.

that’s a pretty ridiculopus comment ya know… it is against the rules to insult people in the game… so stop being dim about what I said, you know exactly what I said… and if he insults you in his own language and you don’t understand it… are you insulted then? no… because you are clueless about the insult… it’s that simple

I didn’t make “shit” up… Russia is a part of Europe and they have that amount of citizens… that’s facts… again you are being dim

There is no need, in general when using global chat you speak english if not on a server marked for a different language.
If you want to speak your language on a server that does not have your language marked you do so in private.
It is quite rude to fill global chat with any other language then english because like it or not english is the most commonly spoken second language in europe. Wich faciliates communication with the most amount of players.
English is also not my first language and it annoys me to no end when i see people writing in global in my own language let alone one i can not understand.

Your arguement that it wasnt intented for you then doesnt hold water either, because if so there was no need to do it in global chat.

it’s not rude and not all are perfect at english… close your eyes, mute them, block them or whatever if your mind is so fragile you can’t handle to see another language…

But it is rude, it is a global chat for everyone so you speak the language that all can understand wich is english. Usually the eula also states unless otherwise stated the server language is english. I do not know if its the case in new world as i havent checked.
Speak your language in private when using global speak english. Hopefully you arent on my server as id report you for spam

and you assume ALL understand and speak english well… you do know the thing people say about assuming thing right?

That is the reason there are language specific servers. If you are playing on one that is not specified you speak english. I like how you are trying to appear clever, yet your arguements have the substance of a 5 year olds thinking.

I love seeing and hearing other languages. I am in a company with mainly Swedish lads, and I tell them on the coms all the time ‘talk Swedish, I don’t understand a word, but I love to hear it!’ :smiley:

Obviously when we have to coordinate, we have to use a language we all understand, but I really find it sad people are so against reading other languages in global chat. It is the beauty of Europe, our many languages, our diverse cultures. I in fact find it disrespectful to tell people they shan’t be allowed to use their language. If anything, AGS should have flagged some servers as English, same as with some other languages. All other servers as multi, for those of us happy to share our game and global chat with everyone <3

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well we don’t have for ALL languages… so suck it up… we speak what we please… what you want we don’t really care about… you are not the center of the universe… we are here to have fun and play the game… you should do the same… if we wish to write to you we will do that in english… so you sweep at your own door and we manage our door… what you WISH we do… well we don’t care alright? it’s not a LAW that we have to speak only english in the whole world… you could enlighten yourself and learn another language…

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I full agree with you @tinyfangz it annoys me with all those entitled people that demand other do as THEY want us to do instead of just enjoying that we are a LOT of different nations in Europe and not just England, that doesn’t want to be a part of Europe anyways.

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