Market ammo limit

It is me or they limited listing for ammo to x500?

How am i supposed to put 50k ammo on market now?

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according to my calculator, 50000 ammo is about 100x500. so you just need to place 100 sell order

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Yea, with limit 100 for sell/buy orders. Im already at max without it.

i guess that is one way to control the market price and more seller can earn some money without undermining the market price

Thats how ammo will end

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I only craft what I need for myself and make sure I have a little extra stashed in every town.

Rip all the saltpeter, you will be missed.

there will be less sellers over time since the ammounts for sale will be smaller ammounts causing the price to go up faster.

this to me is an unexpectd game play change. and that constitues a replicateable bug. since there is 0 mention of any change to ammo and or markets caps. of 500 for ammo. and 0 mention of any change to wood and other things to be capped at 10k.

as a member of this game i expect devs to wright about changes and reasons to and why they make a change. devmanbad no comunication about these changes. no dev blog no patch notes refrenced. New World Update 1.0.2 - News | New World

Devs need to fix this asap as its broken my game!
my invintory is full and i cant play markets now!!!

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