Market Issue Can't sell Items

Currently I’m having and issue with selling things in the market. Whenever I try to sell something it say settlement storage full which is the whole reason I am trying to sell things so that I can have more space.

Also on a separate note, I have 2 furniture in my inventory that cannot be moved to the storage or dropped because it claims to be mission items, which is weird because I got those furniture from chest in the map. I also do not have any mission regarding furnitures.

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Same issue here… So annoying. I also made a post about it. Seems like it could be a large scale issue. We shouldn’t not be able to sell items because storage is full… Literally makes getting rid of stuff and storage management a billion times harder.

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Thank god! For a second I thought it was only me. Yeah I don’t plan to micro manage my inventory just to sell stuff. Kind of ridiculous that I would need to remove the stuff from the storage just to sell it. Hopefully there is a fix for this soon.

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Believe it or not, this was an intentional “bug fix” included with the most recent update.

In the “Notable Bug Fixes” section of the patch notes:

  • Players can no longer post sell orders when their storage is full.

It’s a reckless change that will needlessly hurt the experience of anyone who trades a large amount of stuff with any frequency. People who consider themselves traders will be driven away from the game as that activity is now near impossible.

This is a serious issue that renders the game unplayable for me until fixed.

I am taking a break from the game over this “bug”. Yes I have read the patch notes.

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Seems kind of silly not being able to sell when the storage is full. I understand not being able to buy but this feels like penalizing players that move the market for it trying to be a game based on player driven market economy.

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I have a hard time believing that this “bug fix” is really having the desired effect and will survive for long before being reverted, but maybe I’m just being too optimistic. I spend most of my time in towns trading, and I simply can’t play the game in the current form.

I share the same sentiment. I just recently discovered the fun of trading and now I can’t do squat. Also I just checked and there market might be having a huge problem. It shows that your items are sold in the active order but there is no money or it doesn’t move to the completed & expired tab.

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I could see it as a way to prevent duping possibly… But I’ve already lost items due to this and other bugs the new patch introduced… I’m a little triggered right now. Only one of these sell orders that have been filled, have returned the items to my storage… The rest are in limbo right now I guess. Hopefully they get this fixed, otherwise, I’m out a lot of money.

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