Market posting quality of life improvements

Suggestions for Market Post quality of life improvements:

  • Default sell time should be the last used, not 14 days
  • The list should not scroll back up after every posting, should keep where it was
  • Selling information should have a column showing the Region where it was posted
  • Completed and expired sells should have different tabs, also showing the Region
  • Weapon and Armor need more filters, like attribute

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Absolutely agree.
And talking about the Market:

  • When searching to buy, it makes more sense to chose Light / heavy or medium before choosing the Type like Head or Chest. The way it is now i have to keep choosing light everytime i look for a different body part…
  • add more filters. i would like to search for attributes please. Its so frustrating if i look for focus gear and i have to manually scroll through 122 pages

search for attributes please


I agree and i am adding my own list of issues:

So many things wrong with the marketplace - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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I made some improvements to the post

Yes! Agreed

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