Market work again!

Market is work again in Morgaine server!


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yep it’s up in amarah!!

The dupes are still there tho, rip our economy

Tbh those may not be dupes… I imagine the farm bots have been running non stop during the outage and have piles to unload.

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Takes about an hour to get 10k rawhide

But what about those 100k Silk thread that all the same 4h time remaining?

Since the market didn’t get flooded with duped mats because dupers screwing up big time, that are botted mats probably.
Because Bots want gold to sell for $
and dupers want to sell items for $

The auction house isn’t the place a duper want to sell stuff, they do trades with individuals.

What happened is some rich guy bought high tier mats from a duper and sold them in AH afterwards, if you ask me.

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