Marketing is hard/Economy Ideas

I’ve seen other posts here and elsewhere about the economy, but I haven’t seen many people mentioning tangible fixes they’d like to see, just complaints. So here’s my ideas.
With all the resources available I feel there’s lots of potential for a flourishing economy on each server, however marketers don’t have the tools to make this a reality.

Buy/Sell Order Volume
The biggest fix I want to see is the ability to see insights on how much of an item (ie, potatoes) is actually being sold in each region. Seeing the individual orders isn’t enough, I need to know how many of those orders are actually completed so I can tell if I’m selling for a good price, or if farming potatoes is a total waste because they’re just not moving right now.

Order Cap
With all the resources available, 100 open orders isn’t enough for someone to be a marketer. I had maxed out all my orders and still had a full storage shed of stuff I’m trying to sell. Why’d I have so many orders? Because the only way for me to see what kind of products are moving is to list them all (see above)

Completed orders
This window is useless. Most of the time it’s bugged so my orders don’t show up. When it’s not bugged i can’t see when things sold, which would give an idea of what times the market gets hot.

Market API
I get this would take a huge rework of the market system, which is probably on the back burner. But I’m sure this data is being recorded in a database somewhere. I’d love to see an API come out so we can make our own 3rd party tools to track the market and develop flourishing economies in our worlds.

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