Mass reporting gets results - this is my story

Guy I play with got mass reported by a salty company and got a 3 day ban for “cheating” when all he’s been doing is using flamethrower and bow. I know the guy IRL and he doesn’t even know how to download a web browser besides internet explorer let alone download hacks. He swears he doesn’t cheat, he’s a good guy and PVEs most of the time in OPR anyways.

Mass reporting is effective and can result in incorrect bans, devs need to look at the weakness in their reporting architecture because it seems brute forcing results IS POSSIBLE.

I got a “warning” today because the same people mass reported me for cheating because they didn’t like how well I was doing on musket in OPR. It’s crazy that people can group up and abuse this reporting system to effect change on innocent players.

My friend and I both have over 3k hours in this game…why would we cheat? Why would we waste all that hard work lol? This system is exploitable no matter what the devs say. The proof is in what happened to me and my friend. These false reports are giving positive results!!!



Hello @letsgetmurrayed1,

I’m sorry about the issue you’re having with the ban to your friend, regarding his case I can recommend you to ask him to appeal the ban using this link: Appeal a Ban - Support | Amazon Games.

I can confirm you that the massive reports DON’T generate automatic bans, there’s no such thing as an auto ban due to any reason.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


Then the manual bans are incorrect. I never once said it was automated.


My friend the only thing you know to do, is the same copy paste message. Can you stop? For the love of god, please stop. Dont tell lies in our faces, cuz no one believe you. The system is automated. All musket players got bans from this exploitable system. It is not automated? Explain then. How is the possible? Explain bro. Tell to this guy what he made wrong. Oh yeah. I forgot. You cant tell the reason of the ban to players. Sorry.

I am not waiting for your response. I know very well what your position in this company is.