Mass reporting incident on Camelot US West

On US Camelot West last night the company I am in had multiple members log in to see some of our war roster has been banned for “Cheating”, “Harassment”, all kinds of random things. Some of these players haven’t even been playing the game the past few days. We have asked around the server and a few other people from other factions have been banned, but funnily enough they are all people that we slot in every single one of our war rosters. Someone has clearly gone down our war roster reporting the people in it.

Why is this still happening and why is this even possible to get players banned for nothing? Why is it so impossible to get ahold of anyone atAGS to fix the problem and actually take action against players clearly partaking in targeted reporting to win a territory. You guys wonder why your game is bleeding players and you do incredibly ridiculous things like ban large swathes of players from mass reports.

UPDATE: I have multiple people messaging me that they were also banned a day after killing people questing in GC but can’t respond in the thread due to the ban. Not a single one of the banned people are on Yellow, most players banned are leadership of Green and Purple. Can we get some action on this? There is a group of players in Camelot that is mass reporting and getting other factions players banned. I am sure it is not hard to tell who it is.


FWIW, quite a number of prominent Purple players were temp-banned recently as well. I thought it was due to testing Mortal Empowerment, but I guess not.

It is surely salty people mass reporting people killing quest runners in GC out of spite, or to try to sabotage the top company because they can’t take the territories themselves. The GC missions really changed a lot of people as they had to be flagged and could be killed by members of other factions. We had people banned who don’t even know what that bug is.



It is salty yellows who have been getting farmed in Great cleave pvp. They want to run their missions for free without having to pvp and when they cant abuse that system they find another one to abuse, mass reporting the people that kill them. They are the ones who should be getting banned

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