Mass reporting to bully and ban on Morrow

Yeah their only hope for staying relevent is to bully people on the server and cause drama, yet when called out on it they play the victim card and claim that they’ve done no such thing.
If that’s the case, why is their four people in a discord call intentionally looking for old clips and vods of Fluffy to use in a video that they spent two hours putting together to harrass him further?
One of the users in call has changed their discord picture to a screenshot from Fluffy’s stream, like I don’t think it can get more targeted than that. It’s almost as blatant as Zippit’s aimbotting.


WOAH alt right trolls LMFAO . okay bud


why are you so upset?

Ahh now you’re trying to bring politics into this so that people who share the same views as you might dislike the same people as you? This clearly shows your immaturity level.
This thread is pure gold.

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You see, you can’t even reply without using even more derogatory, insulting terms, Not just a troll, but lets see if we can troll them, calling them troll wannabes!
And then you imply that you are the perfect angels, and they are the ones dragging the server into the mud, not the pigs that wallow in it.
No, It takes one company of bullies, and people standing up to them.

That explains a lot of your issues.
I mean, Communists are only Mass killings under communist regimes - Wikipedia.

So, You bring up politics first, and then now, I bet you will claim I attacked you politically!

reported 3 bots just myself, yesterday, yay…
And I know that it takes 2 to tango, so to speak.
I would love for this to be resolved, without Global chat, and forums, but as long as you keep bullying people?
Not saying you can or can’t talk in global.
About 95% of the problems seems to start from one side.
Not saying the 5% is innocent, but come on.



We reviewed the information you provided on appeal and have confirmed that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case. We take instances of disruptive behavior seriously as it is harmful to the community and violates the following section of our Code of Conduct (

LOL… LOOOOOOOOOOOOL :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Bruh, this is New World… “Alpha wolves” indeed :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Also can we get some mods in here? Seems there’s video evidence of trash humans in here, should be interesting to look through

@Luxendra @Kay


There was a rash of mass abuses of reports the first week or so after the game launched, in which players launching a War (attackers, generally) would mass-report several leaders of the Company that owned the town, to make them unable to participate in the defense. I think several of the abusers did get banned, in this case.

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Most likely Alpha Wolves just facing chihuahua’s… am I right @Recksters ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

…says the alpha troll🤣
Nice try😉

You can mass report and ban someone playing the game the right way, but the hundreds of fishing bots are immune.

It’s pretty obvious they’ve lost institutional control at this point and don’t have the means to fix it.

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Like I pointed out before. You can’t argue the point so you result to throwing insults and targeting specific people.


I will be honest from the jump. I hate pvp with a passion. I will flag once a year if that. From what I have seen so far in this game. There is an extremely toxic minority of “ elite “ pvp players that are allowed to affect the game in its entirety. The Devs need to wake up and realize that they have created a game where the smallest of minorities are forcing others to either leave the server or leave the game entirely. If this game is to survive the only recourse the devs will have is to remove any influence that small minority has on the overall game.


Why would I argue with you? your mind is made up, it would be a waste of both of ours time. You are crying about us making fun of some overweight kid and another kid writing girls names on his stomach by their command in a pool on his twitch stream. That stuff is hilarious and you won’t change my mind and I won’t change yours. Lets just play the game and declare war on our towns and take it. Then make fun of us =)

Yikes. Trying to dodge the point and still doing an awful job of it whilst continuing to insult people, and over a game at that.


What is your point exactly? the victim card thing? we don’t play victim, we love trash talk & memeing, we wish other people would meme us more .

Please do the world a favor and never procreate, you’d be doing the kid a favor too :rofl:

To late ! LOL

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