Massive Turkey Legs being duped?

Character Name: Andrei

Server: NA-West Camelot.

I play on NA-West Camelot and I suspect the thanksgiving event items called “Massive Turkey Legs” are being duplicated. This is because I have been consistently buying massive turkey legs off the trade post and cooking them into “Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinners”. I have in this month alone been able buy over 500 Massive Turkey Legs. This doesn’t make any sense knowing the thanksgiving event ended around November. I want to know if the items I’m buying off the trade post are being duplicated or not.

its from the last duped. people still have in thousands lol

Wow. I did not know about this, is it still safe for me to keep buying the legs off the trade post knowing the may have been potentially duplicated?

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i think so. if they start banning for buying that now. 95% people will be banned. or more :smiley:

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I still have mine for last year, I knew a lot of people just farmed that thing none stop stock piling up on the legs.

Lol, of course they’re duped - just like the majority of the 100 stacks powerful honing stones and roasted rabbit, etc… Its almost like AGS threw up their hands and said, “whatever! - WHO NEEDS an economy?”

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