Massreporting is still working

Dear Amazon Support ,

the Company Northern Lights on the Server Pyrandia is doing Mass-Reports against some Player and being succesful with it ! Below I will Post some Names which are doing this actions against other Players and causing their Accounts getting blocked. Myself got blocked for no reason and the Support Team is denying my Ban Appeal , which shows that Amazon Support not checking the Tickets and not checking the Ban reasons of any Player. We are frustrated that this system still working and you do nothing against it ! Here are some Names on the Server Pyrandia which are doing Mass reports and should be PUNISHED as soon as possible for doing so !

KingGJR JohnWayne98 Nubiaa Findagor BRATANone HanfSchaden Ralmoro Schnuggibaerrchen OpferKl0pfer

I dont know if you gonna do anything against them , or will tell me to use ingame report function which is only working for mass reports…

best regards

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Hello @BlueTurtle2834,

The reports are investigated by a real human because it doesn’t matter the quantity of reports a player gets, a human will check everything and if there is something against the Code of Conduct, the ban will be applied manually. So the players were not banned for mass report.

You can find more information on how to appeal a ban at this link:

Appeal a Ban

I hope I helped you and that you have a great day playing New World. :sauropod:

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Hello! @BlueTurtle2834

For this issues please use this links:

If you need more help please let me know!

Thats not true sorry because they did it the second time

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@Arshi @DaYuKo

Thats absolutely not mirroring the truth.

This Company on Pyrandia which is called Northern Lights should be investigated for their actions.

You say the reports are checked by humans but the system how it works and the results of the checkings are not human like.

How about punishing those Mass ( false ) reports as well ? How do we report people which are doing false reports and causing unnecessary work for AGS. Is there any way to report them as well ?

best regards


Hello adventurers!

Thank you very much for bringing your concerns to us!

I can reassure you that the reports are being checked by humans. I apologize if the outcome hasn’t been the expected, the team is always improving to give the best game experience to the player.

Unfortunately @push3r, the report system doesn’t have an option yet to report back players with false reports, though, your question work as a feedback as a future option in the system.

Have a nice one! Take care!

They are being “reviewed” by humans that have no ability to discern the content they are reading or the context of what is being stated. The people reviewing the reports most likely don’t even speak the language fluently for which they are moderating. So while it could very well be “humans” reviewing the reports for all intents and purposes they might as well be bots.


Yep, technically reports may be being reviewed by a human at some stage of the process. Whether that human is doing their due diligence or is so over worked that reports are viewed and processed at a glance is another thing.

I don’t believe for a second that all these mass reports are being thoroughly investigated. Nor are any false reporters being punished which is why the system is so clogged.


They maybe are checked by humans , but honestly than , i think you hired wrong humans , or not enough humans . Cause atm it feels all they do is this " oh this was reported by 60 ppl in 5 sec, this is prolly outrageous and i rly cba to read this shit , so i better slap a ban , and if there is nothing - this unfortunate pleb who got a ban can appeal and than some1 else will have to read it " . That is how i felt when i was mass reported , instantly got flagged and than had my ban dismissed after filling the ban appeal .


How about HELP LGBTQ company is being attacked , So you tell me that human (AGS employee) decided to hate ban player that does not match his view of world and this match company politics? Wow, i havent seen homofoby as part Code of Conduct core rules.

Mass reporting definitely does not work on bots, they are investigated by real humans (what other humans are there? Unreal? Surreal?) time and time again and still happily fish… I am begging suspect Amazon’s CS to actually run some RMT sites and fishbots as a side income.

Mass reporting is still working a friend of mine got banned again by Northern Light.
Pls amazon support do your job and check the reports for real.

To bad this doesn’t work for bots, only for real players trying to keep other real players from attending wars.

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Pretty dumb. Literally everyone breaks the rules in their company chat and whispers with friends. You’re not our mom and I’ll call my friend an ugly bitch up in his dms if I want to. If you just ban people because they did anything against tos because a bunch of trolls reported them to win a war you’re not going to have any players left. Customer support should just be called customer abuse at this point.

Whether or not it’s automated is irrelevant. You’re just spewing corporate bs.

Hello. Im a member of the company Nothern Lights of Pyrandia. Its really a ridiculous try… we didnt ever mass reports anybody… they fake the messages in an huge way. They for example use names of other people to blame us…chiknuggy’s name is used again and spelled in the wrong way. Shame on you for such lies…it should really be investigated, and the lier should be banned! My ingame name also was blamed in the post. If the support want to, i can send all my logs so you can see that they are cheating on you…
@Arshi @Baselard

Hello @Chicknnuggy,

Hope you’re doing well.

Just wanted to say that, can you please ask your friend to kindly appeal a ban, by following the below mentioned steps so that our moderators can check and maybe reverse the ban as soon as possible?

To appeal a ban, submit a web ticket with the justification for having the ban overturned. Be as detailed as possible in your appeal to ensure it’s processed quickly.

Remember excuses like these are not justification to overturn the ban:

  • Other games let me do it.
  • I was only farming it a little bit.
  • I was testing it and was going to report it.
  • My little brother did it.
  • I have the right to free speech.
  • I didn’t know that was against the rules.
  • If they don’t like it they can turn on the filter.
  • I was only doing it to avoid the queue.

Once we receive an appeal, we do our best to review and respond to it quickly. If overturned, the ban is removed from your account.

Important: You can only appeal a ban once. Submitting multiple appeals won’t expedite the review of your ban.

Hope this helps.

Safe travels!! :magic_wand:

Clean solution, for abusive mass reporting, all players involved should be banned for no less than 14 days.

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