Master List on biggest issues with New World

First of all I love this game but today I’m going to be super critical and I’m going to present you a list of things that are completely wrong with New World and need correcting.

The first issues is obviously bugs which are getting worked on as we speak, however a more aggressive stance on bug squashing might need to be taken. Some of the bugs in the game has existed for far to long.

The second issue is quality of life. I’m going to take you through a few things that annoy the ever living god out of me and most of them have for the longest time

First QoL issue

This is my storage in one of my sheds, first of all the storage system is complete garbage - the change the trading post was fantastic, really made things less tedious.
But now I’ve got the same issue with storage. It’s just a waste of time having to port around the place and now with the reduced azoth costs I don’t see the point in not having shared storage.

The second issue with this image is how much garbage I have - why do we have so many crafting mods? why are there so many alchemy items that I’m never going to use are serve no purpose?
Can we delete half the random junk in this game? most of the items outside of motes in this picture hold 0 value.

which also leads into

none of this junk has any value outside of making some lame items? Can’t we think of a way to repurpose this stuff?

Second Qol issue

Examine this

this is a 3rd of the gear I use, I’ve had to colour code it with gems so I know what I’m trying to grab. There 100% has to be a better way to manage gear in this game. It’s actually a nightmare trying to find the right stuff half the time.

Third QoL issue
Still can’t run whilst using my inventory.

We are now going to move onto systems issues.
This game actually has everything in needs to work really well, the biggest issue here is the systems and reward structures completely suck.

First systems issue

I tried to work with this system, I really did. but it’s just a pointless gate that exists for no reason other than existing.
at this point you could completely delete it and push the gear score back to like 525 and 550 being the cap and no one would notice or care.
It’s just a time gate that serves no purpose that is required to do before you start doing anything worth while.
Honestly you could just delete this whole system, delete the luck stat from gear and then just make a system that has luck tied to the achievement system.

The biggest issue with a system like this is it creates a “nah fuck that” moment, you start doing it work out how long its going to take then just give up on it. It’s not as bad as it was at the start but asking someone to get 2100 bumps is just a little extreme.

Second system issue

Now don’t get me wrong, WoW has had some good systems, but this was a slap job that wasn’t needed.
If you were going to rip something you should have just ripped the normal > heroic > mythic.
The gear scaling is wonky in the feature, it’s just shoved the whole community into instances that are getting slammed on repeat and I havent actually done any other content other than mutated dungeons from their release

Third system issue

This works okay, but the rewards are garbage. I would have thought this would have been a good way to get people out and about to get some actually PvP loot.

Game play issues - the game play is actually mostly good (when everything is working correctly) aside from a small few things

First game play issue
Mobility skills - with the rapier getting nerfed I think its time to talk about every single mobility skill in the game and why fleche out of all of them was by far the best, simply put its because it didnt root you after.
Every single mobility ability in the game needs to have a smooth transition into movement again.

Second game play issue
Iframes, hard one to tackle but the amount of Iframes in this game are insane, everyone just rolls or hops around like they are on fire or puts on heavy armour and doesnt die. I don’t know exactly what you do about this issue but it might need a second pass. Maybe the dodge rolling from 1 stamina is creating too many iframes.

Loot and Itemisation

loot issues
No screen shot on hand but I’m all sure you are 100% used to the concept of doing an elite chest run then going through every single bit of loot in you inventory to turn it into repair parts and 3 coins, the amount of loot in this game is actually insane.
Solution is to nerf the ever living god out of loot drops so we stop getting useless stuff which brings us onto

Itemisation issues

This item doesn’t need to exist. In fact no cross offensive stat item needs to exist. if you deleted all of these items from game no one would care.
We have two options here, reduce the amount of loot we get dramatically and only leave main stat + con or the better long term option of reworking all the weapons in the game to use any offensive stat and have perks with them.

The last issue I’m going to bring up is a balance issue

Balance issue #1
after the fire staff obliteration I think its time to work out a better way of doing balancing, you can ask any player of every game ever what they prefer
small and frequent changes are WAY better than blasting a weapon into oblivion

The closing statement
This shit is one of the best games I’ve ever played period, when everything is working as it should be.
The world is amazing and it’s got all the assets it currently needs to be a great game but a lot of stuff just needs to get reordered as far as end game content goes and the gates need to be knocked down that just waste players time.

The devs need to refocus themselves on the shit people actually like about the game, the open world, the crafting and the PvP


Excellent post…I’ve got the awful feeling that all these intentional inconveniences are leading to the cash shop in some way.

I thought that was a fear but apparently after the release of lost ark im almost 100% sure people dont actually care about MTX unless its coming from new world for some odd reason

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Good post,
this game need:

  1. Bug fixing
  2. Weapon balancing
  3. QoL updates. Id much prefer to just loot gold and repairparts plus occational useful item rather than some bow with STR+Int and outgoing heaing perk… Just a major annoyance to delete itall…im sure i deleted some decent items because after a while you dont even look… just hold S and click away…
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I feel like the reason they time gate already time gated content is to prevent people from consuming it in a week and then having nothing to do. The problem is, anyone with enough coin to throw around can bypass the time gates entirely while the rest of the population just has an annoying inconvenience to deal with.

Great post, agree with most everything you have to say.

I too feel that this game has great potential, but you missed one aspect that I feel is even more compelling than all the items on your list, but I’ll be posting that at the end…

Your image brings back memories, lol. I’m a packrat/hoarder/crafter, but most of the craft mods in this game are pointless, and will never get used without doing what is needed, and having crafters able to put more into an item than just a single craft mod and some azoth, and then everything else is RNG. But to make crafting more interesting and relevant, they need to understand that the open world RNG should NEVER be able to drop items better than what the crafters can make, or indeed, even as good as what a master crafter can make, but that would require a much more (involved/interesting) crafting system to pull off.

I agree, both that there are way to many items, that have far to many limited uses.

OTOH, if we could use some thing like D2’s cube in new world, and work with these dang crafting mods, and start making better mods by some sort of conversion process, then maybe they could eventually make a useful contribution to the games crafting system, for instance:

what if there were a way to upgrade the crafting mods, and the upgraded mods could be used to make mods that can be combined in some way, to have multiple bonuses, rather than just a single perk? What if, a master crafter could make upgraded crafting mods, using some process/formula, and result in a ‘greater crafting mod’, and then these hypothetical GCM could further be combined, giving 2, or 3 or perhaps even, in the extrema of master-craftiness, 4 of the current mods?

This type of thing, combined with other things, could make the work of a master crafter something worth making and selling on the market, but wouldn’t be worth pursuing with the current version of the game, because of the flaw I mentioned earlier…

I agree, the lack of inventory management is a real and immersion busting issue, and I would welcome input in some of my threads created to pose potential solutions to these issues. My threads seem not to get much in the way of responses, either because nobody likes my ideas, or nobody sees my threads, because of the way these forum bury such threads in the stream of consciousness style of modern internet forums, so no one can see the suggestion threads to weigh in on the ideas proposed therein. If you could stop by my threads, and check out what was proposed, that could keep them up top where folks might see them, and even respond to them. In that hope, I’ll provide some links to threads made in the past, to address these and other issues.
Armor sets
QoL improvements
Storage again
QoL again

If that were their intent, I feel bad for them, as what it is really leading to is folks leaving the game.

IIUC, the time gating was done to prevent folks with the needed gold from just buying all BIS items, which isn’t an all bad idea, but they left in the root of the problem, and that is territorial ownership, and the 1,000,000’s of gold/week incomes.

And now, the single biggest flaw in the game, Territorial ownership by players, the immense wealth imbalance this ill-conceived system has imposed from day one, and how this wealth was allowed to get many folks to the fabled “all 200” characters., and all that that entails for the future of any server with folks being allowed to get everything, within a couple of weeks of the games launch.

Back before I knew what all was wrong with New World, I supported this:
Wipe the servers

But since then, I have come to realize that while wiping the servers clean is indeed needed, that alone would not give us the game that we want and need, as the biggest flaw, player ownership of territories, and that wealth problem, would still exist, and that more needs to be done. What we need is a game that not only removes this mistake, but also solves the issue of folks with sufficient gold being able to just buy their levels in Refining and Crafting, because unless you do this, you merely postpone masses of folks getting ‘all 200’, and then all items, and…

My proposed way of solving this problem can be found here:
Buying levels
Alternate NW
What is needed
Equipment Groups
Infinite Progression


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The main problem with modifiers is that AGS for some stupid reason doesn’t allow us to use them.

I have thousands of those things and I can’t use but one when creating an item.

After spending months getting a profession up to 200, you should be able to at least throw in two or three of those mods and create a half-assed weapon.

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Nice post.

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Great post, but you’re talking to a wall. :frowning:

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This is possibly the most level headed critique of NW i have ever seen.

Amazing potential in this game. They need to focus on the core of the game though, its still underbaked. And they’re busy serving the 2nd course already.

Game needs gearsets/loadouts. Whatever you call them, we need a bunch of them. That change alone would be huge.

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you can always do both.

just remember when giving feedback to come from a loving place.

they gotten rid of most the major bugs. Even fixed the hatchet bug 2 days after patching opr.

youre implying they arent already making the game better day by day.

because alot of cities would be ghost towns if you didnt use it for the storage run and faction points. like cutlass keys.

or the city under mountainhome. It is a mechanic tp get creative and is supposed to be realistic.

you cant just keep shoving things in a box and thinking everything will fit mate. If you want universal storage play another game. Not a game about resource management.

did you just answer your own question?

so instead of selling them or using those mods to craft perks… you wanna delete them?

what the… fu-…
moving on. You already answered your own question. either give them away or throw them away. your arguement seems more lazy then something they could actually use as feedback.

sell it to people who want those items.

i agree but not really.
i only have problem seeing items cause i need glasses.

i can see the colour coding and placement fine.

you might just need to get used to the lining of your specific items. if it is to cobfusing to switch on the fly just use one main set.

how do you think they got away with implementing the expertise system ?
do you seriously think everyone was scaled to their proper watermark?

there are literally hundreds of closed posts by cms in the bug report forum EXACTLY STATING why their gear is lower then it should be. and how the drops are lowered past the thresh hold that the 600gs legendaries dont even give you a bump.

ags response?
complete silence. Let them suffer. no response.

Then added 625 as the MAX.
so if you were bugged and stuck at 590 even if you legitamately got 600 gs drops the devs wouldbt care or help you at all because they refuse to admit when a system is broken anymore. and domt bring up the real reasons people quit is cause their customer suppoort team asks for your file data and never gives real help.

i think so too.
i think if they cared about the players actually screwed over by the bugs and personally compensated them. id have no problem.

like winning over 100 opr games and not getting the reward due to lag detector being a piece of actual fucking garbage.

if one person gets lag problem , now everyone does. its a server problem now.

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